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Current AggieBuy Updates & Troubleshooting

Below are the current issues for which AggieBuy customers have inquired.  

Learn about changes that impact the ability to VOID a Purchase Order associated with an AggieBuy order.

This list also includes topics discussed at the 2018 AggieBuy Town Hall forum (PDF).  

Last Updated: Tuesday 10/15/19


Explanation / Instructions

Amazon in AggieBuy Refer to our Amazon in AggieBuy informational page on how to get started with your Amazon purchasing in AggieBuy!
Capital Asset Purchasing

Capital Asset(s) section should ONLY be completed for items meeting the Capital Asset Definition.  Capital Asset(s) section should not be used for optional tracking of items below threshold.  If desired, you can complete an Asset Global (Add) in KFS to add items below the capital asset threshold to your departmental inventory.

Refer to the AggieBuy Capital Asset informational page for detailed instructions.
Central Storehouse, Special Services Available in UCD Buy

These services are not currently available in AggieBuy. UCD Buy can continue to be used for these catalogs/services:

  • Tax-Free Ethyl Alcohol
  • UCD Service Awards
  • Gas Cylinder Rentals
Commodity Code Missing/Incorrect

If you notice a commodity code that is incorrect for the item being ordered, please let us know at If the commodity code field does not automatically pre-populate for an item, let us know as well, and we'll be sure to update it so future purchases won't be impacted by a missing code.

Gift Card Commodity Code

AggieBuy customers  have the option to manually change the commodity code for a gift card purchase if necessary.  The default code is GIFTCARD (Employee Gift), which is assigned to object code 8072 (Employee Non-Cash Awards). 

The other gift card commodity code options are:

  • GIFTCDNE (non-Employee Gift) assigned to object code 7710 (Non-Employee Non-Cash Award)
  • GIFTCDPA (Research Participant) assigned to object code 7202 (Research Subject)
Items Blocked By Your Organization

You might be shopping a punch-out site and get a message that the Items Are Blocked By Your Organization. This generally indicates that specific supplier is not contractually allowed to sell that item in AggieBuy.   If you receive this error message, perform a search on the Main Dashboard Product Search to see what other AggieBuy suppliers may sell that item.

No "Place Order" Button when Checking Out a Cart 

The Place Order button will appear for AggieBuy users who have Requester access. If you don't see the button, this indicates that you have Window Shopper access and will need to click on the Assign Cart button to assign the cart to a Requester, who can place the order on your behalf.

Returns Need to return an item purchased in AggieBuy?  Review the information here to start the process.
Returned Requisition Reason

Have you ever created an AggieBuy Requisition, only to have it returned to you? Learn how to determine why it was returned to you and steps to resolve the issue.

Shipping Address As a best practice, we recommend that you keep each of the fields in the Shipping Address section to 30 characters or less to ensure that all of the information can be properly displayed on the shipping labels.  Visit our Shipping Address page for more information.
Sub-Account Field Refer to the information on how to enter sub-accounts in AggieBuy and a restriction on special characters.
Training New AggieBuy 101 Training is now available!  This training provides an overview of AggieBuy roles and responsibilities, types of catalogs and items available, how to shop, build, and check out a shopping cart, the routing and approval process, and the post-purchase process, including receipts, returns, and document searches.