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Current AggieBuy Updates & Troubleshooting

Below are the current issues for which AggieBuy customers have inquired.  

This list also includes topics discussed at the 2018 AggieBuy Town Hall forum (PDF).  

Last Updated: Thursday 12/7/18


Explanation / Instructions

Account Splits

You can enter as many accounts as desired for each line item in AggieBuy. You are not restricted to citing only one account per line item as you previously were in UCD Buy.

Amazon in AggieBuy Refer to our Amazon in AggieBuy informational page on how to get started with your Amazon purchasing in AggieBuy!
Approval Emails If you aren't already logged in to AggieBuy, the link in the message will not work. You can access the system at
Approval Email Code If you are an approver in AggieBuy, you can set up a security code that will allow you to approve orders via email.
Capital Asset Purchasing

Purchases of Capital Assets (items at or above $5K) are ALLOWED in AggieBuy.

  • Capital Asset(s) section should ONLY be completed for items meeting the Capital Asset Definition.
  • Do not use it for optional tracking of items below threshold.
  • All fields except UCOP Tag # should be completed unless purchasing item as add-on to existing capital asset.
  • Requisition containing a capital asset should only contain other items that compose that specific capital asset.
Cart Assignees and Department Approvers Users won’t show up in list of available assignees or approvers, until they’ve logged in for the first time. In other words, I can't assign Joe Smith as a cart assignee unless Joe has previously logged in to AggieBuy.
Cart Names

Give your shopping cart a special "name" to make it easier for fiscal officers and delegates to know which ones they should approve. 

For example, if delegate Marie approves Professor Hart's orders, naming the shopping cart, "Dr Hart Order 10-30-16" can make it easier for Marie to know this is an order that she should approve.

Central Storehouse, Special Services, still available in UCD Buy

These services will not be transitioning to AggieBuy. UCD Buy can continue to be used for these catalogs/services. Examples of items still available include:

  • Tax-Free Ethyl Alcohol
  • UCD Service Awards
  • Gas Cylinder Rentals
Commodity Code Missing/Incorrect

If you notice a commodity code that is incorrect for the item being ordered, please let us know at If the commodity code field does not automatically pre-populate for an item, let us know as well, and we'll be sure to update it so future purchases won't be impacted by a missing code.

For items in the Amazon catalog, there is a larger chance that commodity codes will be missing.  The diversity of the items and the third-party fulfillment of some items sometimes results in blank commodity codes.

Contact Information

Refer to the AggieBuy Contacts Page.

Current Promotions

VWR and Agilent:

Dollar Limit on Orders

There isn't a maximum dollar limit for orders placed in AggieBuy. Keep in mind that your fiscal officer/department may have their own restrictions or budget constraints.

Items Blocked By Your Organization

You might be shopping a punch-out site and get a message that the Items Are Blocked By Your Organization. This generally indicates that the vendor is not contractually allowed to sell that item in AggieBuy. If you receive this error message, perform a search on the Main Dashboard Product Search to see what other AggieBuy vendors sell that item.


No "Place Order" Button when Checking Out a Cart  The Place Order button will appear for AggieBuy users who have Requester access. If you don't see the button, this indicates that you have Window Shopper access and will need to click on the Assign Cart button to assign the cart to a Requester, who can place the order on your behalf. In some cases, the Place Order button appears when checking out a cart, but the system won't allow you to click on it. This indicates that a required field(s) still needs to be completed before the order can be placed. At the top of the screen, there should be a message advising what needs to be completed. Once the missing information has been completed, you will be able to place the order.
Notes to All Suppliers Field

When checking out a cart in AggieBuy, the Notes to All Suppliers field can be used to provide additional information that will be received by the vendors. Not all AggieBuy suppliers have the capability to receive notes (as indicated on the check-out screen).

Oligos Oligos are available in AggieBuy from several suppliers, including Fisher Scientific, Millipore Sigma, and Life Technologies.
Open Orders

The Open Purchasing Orders (364) query in FIS
Decision Support (DS) provides a list of open orders. 

For orders that are open, you should contact the applicable supplier first to confirm if/when order will be fulfilled.

If the order will not be fulfilled, you can close or void the associated KFS Purchase Order to remove the lien.  More information is available on the Unfilled Orders page.

NOTE: Voiding a KFS Purchase Order is a "permanent" act; it cannot be "undone."  A Purchase Order should not be closed or voided simply because you want the encumbrance removed and the order closed. You should always confirm with the applicable AggieBuy supplier that an order will not be fulfilled before closing or voiding an order in KFS. When in doubt, please contact our AggieBuy Help Desk at

Pricing in AggieBuy

Pricing listed in AggieBuy is the university contract pricing, and is the lowest price available to us from the suppliers. Keep in mind that the pricing in AggieBuy may appear "higher" than the list price on the vendor's public-facing website, but using AggieBuy reduces the additional work and administrative overhead associated with other procurement options.

Product Searches

Too many results when using the Product Search section on the AggieBuy Main Dashboard? When you get results, use the left menu filters to narrow results. 

You can sort when your results are 200 or less. Sort by price, part #, supplier name, size, description (alphabetical), and packaging type.

If you are a returning shopper, you can view your past purchasing history in the Document Search section of the Main Dashboard.

For hosted catalogs, use the Favorites functionality. Click the “Add Favorite” link to save the item for easy access later.

We continue to work with the AggieBuy suppliers to ensure that descriptions and photos in AggieBuy are complete and accurate. 

Receipt Upload

AggieBuy gives you the ability to upload packing slips/receipts for each order.

Shipping Address As a best practice, we recommend that you keep each of the fields in the Shipping Address section to 30 characters or less to ensure that all of the information can be properly displayed on the shipping labels.  Visit our Shipping Address page for more information.
Student Access

Students who are not active employees (on active payroll status) can be assigned the Window Shopper role in AggieBuy by an AggieBuy Deparrtment Administrator. See the AggieBuy Roles Application instruction page.

Student Employees (on active UC Davis payroll status) are automatically granted Window Shopper access.  

Sub-Account Field
  • Sub-accounts with special characters (hyphens, etc.) are NOT allowed in AggieBuy. If you attempt to use a sub-account with a special character, the order will not submit to the supplier. If you need to expense something to a sub-account with a special character, you will need to process a Distribution of Income and Expense document  in KFS to move the expense after it has posted to the ledger. 
  • Sub-Account field should be entered in the following format: chart hyphen account hyphen subaccount (e.g., 3-6620110-12345)
Supplier Punch-Out Not Opening/Error Messages

All of the AggieBuy punch-out sites have been recently tested, and are opening up properly without requiring any browser setting adjustments. If you do encounter any issues with a punch-out site, please refer to the information below. 

Taxes Incorrect on Requisition  The taxes displayed at the time the cart is created and the order first submitted are only an estimated amount. The actual amount to be charged, based on the delivery postal code, will appear on the General Ledger in FIS Decision Support on the transaction reports, including the Transaction Listing (2).

Online training for AggieBuy is available at any time; log in to the UC Learning Center and search on AggieBuy Training to access and complete the training classes.

User Profile
  • Avoid using Codes tab under Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults. Use Code Favorites to set up your list of frequently-used accounts. 
  • Phone Number:  If your phone number is not listed in the campus directory, the default directory number of 752-1011 will display on your AggieBuy orders. We recommend adding your phone number in the online campus directory .