Tax Calculation in AggieBuy

Tax calculation in AggieBuy is automatic and based on the commodities purchased. 

At the time an AggieBuy Requisition is created, the tax calculation is only an estimate and displays an estimated 7.25%. The actual amount to be paid occurs at the time the supplier invoices for the order. The tax amount paid is based on the zip code entered for the order. 

  • Orders with a zip code of 95616 or 95618 will be calculated at a tax rate of 8.25%.
  • Orders with a delivery zip code of 95616-5270 will be calculated at a tax rate of 7.25%.

Research Equipment Tax Discount

If purchasing capital assets (items at or above $5,000) for research purposes within the state of California, you may be eligible for a discount through the State of California

If you believe your purchase may be eligible:

NOTE: The Research Equipment indicator should NOT be checked for purchases of items below the capital asset threshold of $5,000.

Checking the Research Equipment indicator will automatically route the Requisition to the Tax Reporting and Compliance unit for review and approval. Any tax reductions will be processed after the transaction has occurred.