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Ordering Gases

Gases are available in the Central Storehouse catalog. 

To access this catalog:

  1. Click on the Central Storehouse link from the Campus Services menu on the AggieBuy homepage. 
  2. On the next screen, click on the Hosted Catalog Search button.
  3. Enter the type of gas you are searching for (e.g., helium) in the search field on the left side of the ordering screen.
  4. Click Go. 

Storehouse Cylinder Demurrage

Demurrage (daily cylinder rental fee) begins the date of delivery and ends the date the cylinder is returned to Storehouse:

  • Cost for 31 days in a month is $6.82 per month OR $.22 per day
  • Cost for 30 days in a month is $6.60 per month OR $.22 per day

Gas Cylinder Delivery and Receiving

To ensure that gas cylinders are appropriately recorded and ready for department delivery, Central Storehouse staff:

  1. Highlight cylinder tank serial numbers with permanent markers.
  2. Affix cylinder with a shipping label showing the AggieBuy order number, catalog number, ordering department's name and order initiator's name.
  3. Deliver cylinder to the customer's receiving area, and a customer representative signs the delivery manifest as an acknowledgment of receipt. Note: Upon prior written request by the customer department, cylinders can be left without a customer signature, but the customer department assumes all risk for missing cylinders following such deliveries. School of Medicine (SOM) cylinders are delivered to Tupper Hall Receiving for distribution by SOM staff.

Cylinders must be secured in accordance with Environmental Health and Safety Net # 60. A packing slip and list of serial numbers is left on the cylinder or placed in a convenient location for the customer to retrieve and route as needed.

Empty Cylinder Pick-Up/Cylinder Reports

To return an empty gas cylinder, complete the online cylinder return form. Departments can verify that deliveries and returns have been accurately recorded by visiting the cylinder return form page.