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Ordering Dry Ice

The dry ice information below applies to departments located in Davis. 

If you require dry ice at a non-Davis location, contact UC Davis Distribution Services at 530-752-3882.

Before Ordering

You should always check to see if your department has a standing order for dry ice, prior to placing an order. Check with your department business office or stockroom for the standing Dry Ice Order Form or department ice chest. The standing order form should be completed as directed by your department.

Placing the Order

If your department does not have a standing order for dry ice or needs to establish a one time large order or a new continuing order, a dry ice order should be placed by calling Noreen McIntyre at 530-752-3882 with the Central Storehouse.

Receiving the Order

Your department will need to set out the order form for Airgas to receive dry ice. If your department is on a regular stop for dry ice deliveries you can simply leave a form out for Monday or Thursday delivery. If your department is not on a regular stop you can contact Airgas at (916) 428-4700 to schedule the delivery. 

If you have questions regarding dry ice ordering, please contact Distribution Services at 530-752-3882.