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Dell Ordering

The Dell agreement in AggieBuy includes the Optiplex and Latitude computer system models for commercial use.

Notes: This agreement is available to all departments except Hospital (Chart H) departments. School of Medicine (Chart S) Departments generally do not use the Dell agreement, but purchase from the Main Street Technology (HP) catalog in AggieBuy. Questions on Chart S computer purchases should be directed to the School of Medicine Office of Educational Technology.


The following types of items are available through the Dell catalog in AggieBuy:

  • computers and monitors
  • printers
  • enterprise bundles
  • workstations
  • software
  • VMware
  • digital cameras
  • PDAs
  • television monitors
  • memory chips
  • other miscellaneous supplies

There are no dollar limits per order when purchasing items from Dell in AggieBuy.

You can purchase supplies AND capital assets from Dell in the AggieBuy catalog!

The pricing for all of the items in AggieBuy is the lowest given by Dell to the university. Dell will not negotiate lower prices with individual departments.


Ordering Help

  1. Log into AggieBuy.
  2. Click on the Dell Computers link under the Punch-out Suppliers section of the homepage.
  3. The UC Davis Dell Premier Web Site defaults to Standard Configurations – UC System Special Offers, which are already configured in bundles for Optiplex desktops and Latitude notebooks. Choose a preconfigured unit or modify one from the preconfigured units. These bundled systems are discounted even more than other custom Dell configurations. You can also reconfigure these bundled items by adding other features or upgrades for an additional discounted cost. You can take the special offer configuration and add to or revise it until you get the configuration you desire.
    Note: Systems configured from the Systems tab do not receive the same university contract pricing as the preconfigured bundles that can be customized.
  4. Click on Add To Cart and then Create Order Requisition on the next screen.
  5. On the following screen, review the information and choose the appropriate export option. Click Continue. A summary screen of your Dell order will then appear. Click the Submit Order Requisition button to return the item(s) to your AggieBuy shopping cart.
  6. Once your Dell order has been submitted in AggieBuy and approved by the fiscal officer or delegate, you will receive an online acknowledgement of your order. This will be followed by a confirmation e-mail providing your Dell Order Number.


E-Quotes: Creating, Retrieving, Ordering, and Amending

The Dell punch-out site allows you to create e-quotes which can be helpful if you wish to share the information with others before placing the order in AggieBuy.

  1. When you locate the item you wish to purchase in the Dell punch-out catalog, click Add To Cart.
  2. On the next screen, click the Save as E-Quote link.
  3. Enter your contact information and the contact information for your purchasing agent. If your purchasing agent is not listed on the drop-down menu, you can enter the information directly on the screen. The purchasing agent will generally be someone in your department.

If you wish to retrieve and/or make changes to an E-Quote, log in to AggieBuy and then click on the Dell Computers link under the Punch-out Suppliers section of the homepage.

  1. Click on the E-Quotes tab at the top of the Dell site.
  2. Locate the E-Quote by entering the email address of the person that prepared the E-Quote. All the E-Quotes prepared by that person will display.
  3. Click on the radial button for the E-Quote you wish to view:
    • To cancel the E-Quote, click Delete E-Quote.
    • To place the order, click Retrieve E-Quote. On the next screen, click Create Order Requisition in order to complete the order process.
    • To change a quantity amount or specifications:
      1. Indicate the correct amount in the quantity box or enter new specifications.
      2. Click on Update and then click on Reconfigure.
      3. Click on Save As E-Quote (towards the bottom of the screen).
      4. Click on Save New E-Quote and click on Continue.
      5. A new E-Quote number will be provided. From there, you can proceed to checkout.

Note: You can only retrieve E-Quotes from the same Dell site in which they were created. In other words, an E-Quote created on the main Dell website cannot be retrieved into an AggieBuy cart.


Checking Order Status

Dell order status can be verified on the Dell site in AggieBuy.

  1. Log into AggieBuy and then click on the Dell Computers link under the Punch-out Suppliers section of the homepage.
  2. Click on the Premier tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on Order Status.
  4. Scroll down to View Orders By Reference Number.
    1. Select Order Number and enter the Dell order number in Step 1, or Select PO Number and enter the AggieBuy Order number.
    2. Select Company Name and enter UC Davis.
  5. Click Submit 


Warranty Extension Information

Warranty extensions and other support from Dell are processed outside of AggieBuy. For warranty support, please contact Peter Seeselberg.

Phone: (800) 879-3355, x 5139851
Fax: (866) 584-8581

You will need a list of your computer Service Tags for the units you would like to extend warranties. The rep will send you a quote.

The Dell warranty extension should be processed on a KFS Requisition.


Detailed Specifications

You can view all of the specifications for any model of Dell computer system on the Dell Higher Education Retail site. Due to the way Dell web pages are configured for each institution, it isn't possible to get to the site that contains this information through AggieBuy.


Dell Contacts

The Dell representatives for UC Davis are: