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Ordering Controlled Substances

Some of the catalogs in AggieBuy contain items flagged as Controlled Substances by individual suppliers. 

In most cases, these items are not “truly” Controlled Substances, as defined by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and can be purchased in AggieBuy.

However, some AggieBuy catalogs may contain items that are DEA-defined Controlled Substances; attempting to purchase these items in the supplier’s punch-out catalog will generally result in an error message indicating that the item cannot be purchased. With some of the hosted supplier catalogs, you may be able to add and purchase the Controlled Substance in AggieBuy, but the supplier will then contact the department and advise that they are unable to process the order without the appropriate licenses and pre-authorized receiving locations.  

We are currently working with the AggieBuy suppliers to remove (block) any items that are DEA-defined Controlled Substances, as these purchases should continue to be processed on a Requisition in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

The KFS Requisition document will route to Safety Services/EH&S and then to Procurement and Contracting Services. Review during this routing process ensures that the university has the necessary license(s) and authorized receiver(s) on file prior to the requisition being approved, and a PO being issued.