AggieBuy Shipping Addresses

Selecting the correct Shipping Address is critical to ensuring that your order reaches its intended delivery location.

Shipping Addresses Structure

Shipping Addresses come from the UC Davis Mail Services System, entered into their database in a format recognized and required by the U.S. Postal Service. Other third-party carriers also utilize the USPS mailing standards. 

Use the Shipping Fields only for their intended Purpose: Don't include the same information in multiple fields (e.g., the delivery recipient should be indicated in the Attn: field but not in the Room/Ste/Floor field). Including redundant information in multiple fields can cause other information to get cut off/not display on the printed Shipping Labels used by each supplier.

The various elements of the shipping address are listed below:

Address Line Item


Attn: Defaults to the AggieBuy Requester name, but can be overridden by the Requester to identify anyone. We strongly recommend keeping the data in this field to 30 characters or less.
Room/Ste/Floor Free-form field used by the AggieBuy Requester to enter the specific room, suite, or floor where the delivery should be made. We strongly recommend keeping the data in this field to 30 characters or less.
Dept. Defaults the Department assigned to the AggieBuy Requester in the online campus directory, but can be overridden by the Requester to identify a different department if necessary (helpful for AggieBuy Requesters that order items for other departments); We strongly recommend keeping the data in this field to 30 characters or less.
Address Line 1 Usually ONE SHIELDS AVE for on-campus Davis locations — this is the "official address" recognized by the U.S. Postal Service; defaults to the street address for off-campus locations.
Address Line 2 ONLY displays for on-campus Davis locations; this usually displays the Building Name, such as VEIHMEYER HALL or MRAK HALL.
City Displays City assigned to address
State Displays State assigned to address
Zip Code Displays the four digit-extension of 5270 for on-campus Davis location


Displays Country assigned to address

On-Campus Street Names

The "street" names you see on campus, such as Sprockett Bikeway, are not officially recognized by the U.S. Postal Service and many other carriers. These street names are used by campus emergency personnel for emergency response purposes, but are not appropriate for use as shipping addresses.

Can't Find a Shipping Address?

If you can't find your shipping address in AggieBuy, please contact our AggieBuy Help Desk. If the address you want is not in AggieBuy, please complete the Address Request Form and email to the AggieBuy Help Desk at

  • Business Reason for the Address Add (e.g., new research location, PI working overseas on project, etc.)
  • Approval from your AggieBuy Department Administrator

Once the address has been added to AggieBuy, you will receive an email notification from our Help Desk staff.

Note: PO Boxes are not suitable for AggieBuy delivery addresses. A physical location capable of receiving deliveries is required for each AggieBuy delivery address.

What if Suppliers Still Have a Difficult Time Locating the Address?

Some departments may have shipping addresses that are difficult for a supplier to locate. In order to assist the supplier in correctly delivering your items, you can enter a note in the Note to All Suppliers field of the General area of the requisition. For example, you could enter a note such as "the green door is where the delivery should be made" or "delivery should be made to person at reception desk."  This information can assist the supplier in getting your delivery to the correct spot.

Make Sure Delivery Location Can Accommodate Ordered Items

If purchasing large items, such as furniture or refrigerators, or other large appliances or equipment, you may have to enter a different receiving location than you normally do, in order to accommodate a truck and the size dimensions of the items. If in doubt, we recommend that you check with the supplier to ensure that your receiving location will be able to accommodate the delivery.