Profile Set-Up in AggieBuy

An AggieBuy user can set up multiple default options on their user profile, which can expedite future AggieBuy transactions.

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Accessing Your Profile

  1. Click on the person icon in the upper right corner of the page and choose “View My Profile.” 
  2. Use the links on the left menu to access the User Profile and Preferences.
  3. The phone number and email address fields use the information from the campus directory.
AggieBuy Profile Set-Up Screen


  1. If this information is correct, no further action is required.
  2. To make a correction to either the phone or email data, go to the campus directory, perform a search for your name, and after locating your record, click on the Update this Listing link. 
    • Changes to directory listings generally require approval from your department business office, which will be automatically notified once you submit the update request.
    • After your updated record is approved in the campus directory, the information in AggieBuy will reflect the updated information the next business day.

Default User Settings

Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults

This is a good place to enter the account(s) you use on a regular basis. Although not required, this information expedites the AggieBuy cart check-out process and can be overridden as necessary on individual orders. 

  1. Select the Code Favorites tab
  2. Click the Add button in the top section of the screen.
AggieBuy Profile Default Account Setup
  1. Enter a nickname for the account. This could be something that makes it easy to identify what the account such as, "Professor Jones Account." 
  2. Check the Default box if you want this to be the default when you place orders in AggieBuy.
  3. If you already know the account you want to use, enter it as Chart of Account dash Account number, such as 3-6620001. If you don't know the account, click on Select from all values below the Chart/Account field to search for a valid account to return to the field.
  4. Repeat the process, if desired, for the SubAccount and Project Code fields.
  5. If split accounts are desired for your default, click on the add split link to add another line and repeat the process again. Make sure you indicate the % of price or % of quantity for split accounts.
  6. Click on the Add button above the Order Information section to select and identify the default department for which you will regularly purchase and the Department Approver (if applicable for the department for which you will be ordering).
  7. Click the Save button. Any shopping carts created after the information is saved will reflect this updated information.  Any carts that were started prior to the update will NOT reflect the updated information.

Default Addresses

In this section, you can set up shipping address(es) and choose a default. Your default address will be automatically entered on any requisitions you create. Any other addresses you set up in your profile will be included in a drop-down menu for overriding your default shipping address. You always have the option to choose ANY address set up in AggieBuy.  Complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Ship To tab
  • Click on Select Addresses for Profile
  • In the Nickname field, enter your building name or street name, and then click search to locate your on-campus or off-campus address in the system.
AggieBuy Default Address Setup

    Click the radial button next to the address you want to use.  You can then enter a specific Attention person, Room/Suite/Floor number and Department information as well.

    • Click on Save to save the address.
    • Repeat the steps above for each address you wish to add to AggieBuy.
    • Billing Address will default for most users as the UC Davis Invoice Desk.  To verify that data is in the Billing Address section and/or to add it as necessary:
      • Click on the “Bill To” tab.  If the data is not there:
      • Click on “Select Addresses for Profile”
      • Choose “UC Davis Invoice Desk” from the dropdown
      • Click on Save to save this address.

    Review the AggieBuy Shipping Addresses information page for additional guidance.

    Cart Assignees

    This section is most useful for AggieBuy Window Shoppers who will shop catalogs in AggieBuy, but not actually check out carts.  In this section, you can add an AggieBuy user(s) who will most frequently be your choice when assigning a shopping cart. You can choose a default by clicking “Set as Preferred.” When you choose to assign a shopping cart, a list of the users you’ve set up in your profile will appear, with your preferred assignee at the top of the list. You always have the option to choose an assignee other than those in your profile.

    AggieBuy: Assigning Cart Assignee


    User Roles and Access, Ordering and Approval Settings, and Permission Settings

    These designations are set up in the AggieBuy Roles application by your Department Administrator. If you need a change made to your role(s) in AggieBuy, contact your AggieBuy Department Administrator (if you aren't sure who this is for your department, contact the AggieBuy Help Desk for assistance at

    Notification Preferences

    See the Notifications/Emails in AggieBuy page to learn more about this section and how to update the settings.


    Approval Code for Email

    This section only appears if you are an approver in AggieBuy. As an approver, you have the option to approve AggieBuy Requisitions via email with a security code. Instructions for Setting Email Approval Code (PDF) .

    View User’s History

    This section provides a list of all the changes you’ve made to your profile. Use the “Click to filter history” function at the top of the window to filter the list, or export the list to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking “Export to CSV” above the list on the right.

    Add Profile Comment

    You can add a comment to any section of your profile history in this section. This might be a good place to indicate why you made particular changes to your profile.