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Unfilled Orders

Viewing Open AggieBuy Orders in FIS Decision Support

  1. Run the Open Purchasing Orders (364) report for your organization in FIS Decision Support. 
  2. Look for any transactions that indicate AggieBuy supplier names, and then click on the corresponding PO Number link to see the AggieBuy PO # (starting with the UCDAB prefix) and Requester name in the Description field.

Canceling Orders For Which a Purchase Order Has Already Been Created

The instructions below are for removing the encumbrance from the purchase order in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). In order to cancel the PO with the supplier, you will need to contact the supplier and cancel directly with them.

Once a purchase order is created, the order will be fulfilled in most cases. However, situations may occasionally arise where a supplier is unable to fulfill a purchase order. In those cases, the associated purchase order created in the KFS will need to be manually voided or closed in order to remove the encumbrance.

NOTE: The Void Order and Close Order buttons on KFS Purchase Orders created for AggieBuy orders should ONLY be used for the situations described above. Clicking on them in other situations will create accounting discrepancies for your department and possibly delay payment for orders.


  1. Log in to the KFS, click on the Doc Search button on the home page. On the Document Search screen:
    • In the Document Type field, enter PO.
    • In the Organization Document Number field, enter the AggieBuy PO number along with the * wildcard before and after the numbers (e.g., *UCDAB006856*).

AB Document Search

2.  After locating the associated KFS PO, open it, and at the bottom of the PO, click on the Void Order button (if no items have been received):

Void Order

or Close Order button (if some items have been received).

Close Order button

You will be required to enter a note indicating why the order is being voided or closed.

3. The encumbrances created by the PO will be reversed the next business day.