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AggieBuy Receipt of Goods

Receipt of goods can be documented in AggieBuy and can ensure that your documentation is in one central location.

Documenting the receipt of goods is currently optional in AggieBuy, but since some funding sources require that receipts be maintained for a set period of time, AggieBuy can be a good way to do so.

NOTE: Receipt of Capital Assets MUST be documented on the Line Item Receiving document in KFS. It  can also be documented in AggieBuy, but this does not remove the requirement for completing the Line Item Receiving document.

Who Can Record Receipt of Goods in AggieBuy?

Any AggieBuy user can record the receipt of an item (it is not restricted to the individuals that created or approved the order), including users with Window Shopper access. It is fairly common for users with Requester access to create orders for users with Window Shopper access who then are responsible for recording the receipt of said items.

Instructions for Indicating Receipt of Goods/Attaching Receipts and Packing Slips

  • Locate the Purchase Order for which you want to document receipt, and open the purchase order.
  • Click on the Receipts link in the upper part of the screen, click on the + icon, and select Create Receipt.
AggieBuy Create Receipt Screen
  1. The receipt screen will open:
     receipt documentation in aggie buy
  2. Enter a Receipt Name: In the Header Information section, if desired.
  3. Enter the Receipt DatePacking Slip No.Receipt AddressDelivery company, and attach a receipt using the Attach/Links button.
  4. Make sure the Quantity received is correct: In the Receipt Lines section, the items on the purchase order will be listed. The Line Status field defaults to Received. Check the box next to the item(s) that have been received.
  5. Click the Submit button.

The receipt of the item(s) has now been recorded. You or other AggieBuy users can view the receipt documentation as needed.