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Viewing Invoices in AggieBuy

Invoices in AggieBuy are automatically issued by the supplier, and automatically paid by the university.  

Invoices in AggieBuy

Invoices in AggieBuy are automatically issued by the supplier(s). These invoices are automatically paid in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) on a Payment Request document.  

All invoices related to AggieBuy Purchase Orders are available for viewing within AggieBuy:

Quick Search field:

You can find the Purchase Order and then the associated invoice by using the quick search field in the top right corner of AggieBuy.  Enter your name to retrieve the recent transactions for which you are an initiator or approver.   Click on the applicable transaction to see invoice information. 

If you are not able to retrieve results, or if you prefer, you can also use the Document Search screen.

Document Search screen:

  1. On the left blue bar, click on Documents, then select Search Documents.  Select Purchase Orders from the drop-down menu and in the Participant(s) field, select the Me option.
  2. A list of your Purchase Orders created in the system based off of your AggieBuy Requisitions will appear. Look at the Settlement Status column to see the current status:  
  3. Orders with the text partially invoiced or fully invoiced indicate orders that have been shipped and invoiced by the vendor. 
  4. Those with a status of No Matches indicate orders where the vendor has not yet invoiced (and not shipped in most cases). If you have questions on orders that have not shipped/invoiced, please contact the specific supplier for information on expected delivery date. 

To view an invoice:

  1. Open the Purchase Order, then click on View Related Documents under the Document Total in the top left-hand corner of the document window. 
  2. Choose Invoice from the list. 
  3. To view a list of all available invoices, click on the Orders and Documents icon on the left side of the screen, choose Document Search and Search Documents, then change the type of document to Invoices. You can narrow your search by date and/or other criteria.

Another way to view an invoice:

Click on the Invoice tab on the Purchase Order.  This will display a screen that lists every invoice and its total amount, as well as display which items on the PO have been invoiced, and if fully or partially invoiced.