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AggieBuy Post-Purchase

Because each AggieBuy transaction creates a corresponding Purchase Order and Payment Request in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), you can use FIS Decision Support (DS) to see all of your AggieBuy activity.  

Depending on whether you only want to see a list of purchase orders created in AggieBuy or want to see all related activity for an AggieBuy transaction, there is an FIS Decision Support report for you.

Commodities Purchased Log (365)

The Commodities Purchased Log (365) is generally the best report to see your purchasing history, by commodity code, of all purchases in AggieBuy and the Kuali Financial System (KFS). Simply enter your organization code or account to see all purchasing activity for a given time period. Clicking on the document number in the search results will drill down to the specific KFS Purchase Order. This is the best report for seeing all of your organizational/departmental AggieBuy and KFS Purchase Orders.

Transaction Listing (2)

You can use the Transaction Listing (2), to see your AggieBuy transactions, including the initial Purchase Order (PO) as well as any payments (Payment Request) documents processed against the AggieBuy Purchase Orders. This is the best report to see ALL activity (purchase and payments) associated with an AggieBuy transaction.

If you click on the Doc Type or Document Number of the transaction for which you want to see details, the relevant AggieBuy information, including the AggieBuy PO number, will display in the Description field in the header section of the 19 report.

Special Note on Viewing Credit Memos for AggieBuy Orders: If items are returned, AggieBuy suppliers will issue a credit back to your account. Run the Transaction Listing (2) for the specific account and time period when that credit was posted, and you will be able to locate it on the DS report by the specific dollar amount.