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AggieBuy: Process and User Interface Improvements: Spring 2020

Process and User Interface improvements are coming to AggieBuy on Monday April 6th, 2020.

The updated user interface changes will provide:

  • an easier way to shop from your favorite AggieBuy suppliers
  • improve the new shipping address request process
  • an overall more aesthetically pleasing user experience

In addition, we are working on a new and easier way to submit no cost agreements.  This change may be available a the same time as the above AggieBuy changes, or it may be released a bit later. We will keep this page updated with the latest information.

What are the Changes?

  • Main Dashboard Update:
    • Suppliers Organized by commodity type, making it easier to locate the type of supplier you need, along with a more Streamlined Header


  • User Interface Updates:
    • Changes include New Sidebar Navigation and Standardized Icons and an Updated Document Search


  • New Shipping Address Request Form:
    • The new online form will streamline the process of adding new shipping addresses to AggieBuy.  Department Administrators will have access to a tile on the AggieBuy main dashboard for requesting new shipping addresses.  Requests will be reviewed and approved by AggieBuy Help Desk staff.


  • New Request Form for Submitting No Cost Agreements:
    • New online form, accessible from a link in AggieBuy and on the Supply Chain Management website, will allow you to electronically upload no-cost agreements for review by Procurement & Contracting Services staff.   The no-cost agreements include catering or lodging agreements, software and online subscription agreements, credit applications, and non-disclosure agreements. This new process will allow non-KFS users to submit no cost agreements and not require the use of the KFS Purchase Agreement document for these types of transactions.

Main Dashboard Update/More Streamlined Header:

Picture of AggieBuy Dashboard coming in April 2020

New Sidebar Navigation/Standardized Icons:

AB New User Interface Picture


New Profile Menu Display

New Notifications Menu

New Action List Menu

New Document Search Screen:

New Version of the AggieBuy Document Search Screen