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New Supplier Onboarding

How are new suppliers considered for AggieBuy?

There are several criteria that are considered when making determinations for future supplier enablements in AggieBuy:

  • Existence of a UC System-Wide or Campus Agreement - If the University of California or UC Davis already has an existing purchasing agreement(s) with the supplier, they are a more likely candidate for inclusion in AggieBuy.
  • Existence in Another UC E-Procurement System - If the supplier is already in another UC e-procurement catalog (such as UC San Diego "Marketplace" or UC Berkeley "Bear Buy"), it is easier to leverage this existing expertise in implementing the supplier catalog in AggieBuy.
  • Amount of Spend and Transactions - Suppliers that offer products that can be used by multiple customers in multiple departments are more likely to be included in AggieBuy. Our Procurement and Contracting Services staff regularly runs reports to see which types of products are most frequently purchased and the suppliers with which the purchases are made. 
  • Campus Employee Feedback - Feedback on suppliers provided by campus customers is regularly reviewed to ensure that the suppliers with which we are currently doing business and with which we plan to do business in the future are providing a level of service that meets or exceeds our customer expectations.