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AggieBuy: New Document Search November 2020

New options for document searches, along with an improved search interface, will be available in AggieBuy on Monday November 9th.   Learn more below.

New AggieBuy Document Search effective November 9, 2020
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Description of New Filter Options

The new document search screen will be available by clicking on the Documents icon on the left blue menu, and then selecting Search, and then All Orders.

The various highlighted filter options that will be available on the Document Screen include:

Save As: Click to save your search filters with a custom name for easy access later.

Pin Filters: Click to pin your currently selected filters so that they become your default filters when you use the Document Search screen in the future.

Export All: Generate an Excel spreadsheet export with your results.

Quick Filters: Top filter options for controls with selectable content are displayed.

My Searches: Searches that you saved for frequent usage will appear here. 

Type of Order: Click to filter on the 'Type of Orders' (e.g., Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc.) that you wish to see.

Created Date: By default, transactions from the last 90 days are displayed. Click to select a different range. You can change the date, pin the filters, and make a different default date range if desired.

Quick Search: Provides a faster way to perform some searches. The different options to refine your search include the ability to

  • Combine Searches: Use "OR" between each search. For example, 12389 OR 83827
  • Search for an Exact Match: Put a phrase inside quotes. For example, "Fisher Scientific"
  • Exclude Words from a search:  Put a - in front of a word to exclude it. For example, John –Johnson

Add Filter: Click this filter to further refine your search results by additional criteria, including Department and Supplier name.

Configure Columns (Sprocket icon): Select the columns to display and the order in which they appear for your results.

Additional Notes on New Search Screen

  • The first time a user goes to the new search screen, a online tutorial will be available to review.
  • Previously-created saved searches will not carry over into the new search interface.
  • Let people know that
  • Stress that by default the new search will only show (is it the last 30 days?) and that if they’ll have to change that filter to see older documents, and they can pin that filter