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Lowest Overall Cost

When shopping in AggieBuy, you may occasionally note that a listed price in a supplier catalog is higher than the price listed on the supplier's public-facing website. 

This makes it appear that the "cost" of the AggieBuy item is higher than the item on the public site, but the "ticket price" is only part of the "total cost" for the item.  Let's break down the cost:

Table highlighting cost difference between AggieBuy, KFS, and P-Card

AggieBuy Catalog Cost

  • The cost in AggieBuy includes automatic payment.  In other words, nothing has to be processed by a department to get the payment issued.
  • The cost also includes free shipping for many items in AggieBuy.

Non-AggieBuy Catalog Cost

  • The ticket price is ONLY that; the price of the item.  There is often an additional charge for shipping/handling.
  • Items purchased outside of AggieBuy are generally processed in the Kuali FInancial System, on a Requisition, but the Requisition only creates the Purchase Order. There is an additional administrative cost for an employee to process the KFS Payment Request document and for the fiscal officer/delegate and Accounts Payable to approve the document.  And, if there are multiple invoices on an order, multiple Payment Request documents must be processed. 

Price Discrepancies

If a significant price discrepancy is noted between the Supplier's Catalog item and the public-facing website, you can contact the Strategic Sourcing Team at strategicsourcing@ucdavis.edu for assistance. In your message, include the specific catalog items for which the discrepancy was noted.