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AggieBuy FAQs

User Profile and Roles 

  • Where does the customer email and phone number information in AggieBuy come from?
  • The Phone Number, E-mail Address, and Department fields use the information from the campus directory.  To make a correction, go to the campus directory, perform a search for your name, and after locating your record, click on the Update this Listing link. 

    NOTE: If your phone number is not included in the campus directory, AggieBuy will automatically default the campus information listing number. We recommend that your campus directory listing include your phone number if at all possible.

    Changes to online campus directory listings generally require approval from your department business office, which will be automatically notified once you submit the update request.

    After your updated record is approved in the campus directory, the information in AggieBuy will reflect the updated information the next business day.

  • How do I set up the default account/sub account/project assigned to my user profile?
  • 1. Click on the person icon in the upper right corner of the AggieBuy screen, and select View My Profile.
    2. On the left menu, click on Default User Settings, and select Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults
    3. Select the Code Favorites tab
    4. Click the Add button in the top section of the screen.
    5. Enter a Nickname for the account.  This could be something that makes it easy to identify what the account is for, like "Professor Jones Account." 
    6. Check the Default box if you want this to be the default when you place orders in AggieBuy.
    7. If you already know the account you want to use, enter it as Chart of Account dash Account number, such as 3-6620001.  If you don't know the account, click on Select from all values below the Chart/Account field to search for a valid account to return to the field.
    8. Repeat the process, if desired, for the SubAccount and Project Code fields.
    9. If split accounts are desired for your default, click on the add split link to add another line and repeat the process again.  Make sure you indicate the % of price or % of quantity for split accounts.
    10. Click the Save button.  Any carts created after the information is saved will reflect this updated information.  Any carts that were started prior to the update will NOT reflect the updated information.

    NOTE: You don't need to complete the Code Favorites for Check Requests & Invoices section since the payments are automatically made in AggieBuy using the account(s) specified at the time the Requisition in AggieBuy is fully approved and submitted to the supplier for order fulfillment.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that you can always change the default attributes used on a specific Requisition.  Setting a default can be helpful if you routinely use the same accounts on your AggieBuy requisitions.
  • How do I set up a default, or frequently-used, shipping address in my Profile?
  • Multiple shipping addresses can be saved in your Profile for easy access when ordering.  One address of your choice will be designated as your default shipping address, but you can choose another address (either from the ones in your Profile or from a list of all available UC Davis shipping addresses) when preparing a Requisition.

    To set up a frequently-used shipping address in your Profile:
    1. Access your AggieBuy Profile by clicking on the person icon in the banner at the top right of the screen and choosing View My Profile.
    2. Choose Default User Settings, then choose Default Addresses.
    3. Click on Select Addresses for Profile and search for the desired address.
    4. After selecting the address, edit any available fields as necessary.  If you’d like this address to be your default address, check the Default box.

  • What if my shipping address isn’t set up in AggieBuy?
  • If your shipping address doesn’t appear after you’ve searched for your building or street name, submit a completed Address Request Form to the AggieBuy Help Desk at .

  • What are the different Shopper and Approver roles?
  • See the AggieBuy Access and Roles page
  • Can I set up the email and/or system notifications for the activities for which I want to be notified?
  • Yes!  You can set up a notification for almost any event in AggieBuy.  To set up your notification preferences:
    1. Access your AggieBuy Profile by clicking on the person icon in the banner at the top of the page, then choosing View My Profile.
    2. Choose Notification Preferences, then choose a category.
    3. Click on Edit Section in the top right corner of the window, then choose your notifications:
    Click Override for a selection other than the default.  A drop-down menu will display.  A selection of Email will trigger an email when the related event occurs; a selection of Notification will trigger an AggieBuy notification when the related event occurs, viewable by clicking the Notifications link in the banner at the top the page.

  • How do I log out of AggieBuy?
  • To log out of AggieBuy:
    1. Click on your name in the blue banner at the top of the screen
    2. Select Logout
    3. Make sure you close any other open Internet windows to ensure that your session is properly logged out

  • I see there is an option for approving AggieBuy transactions via email. How do I set up the approval code to do so?
  • Access your AggieBuy Profile by clicking on the person icon in the banner at the top of the page, then choosing View My Profile. Select Update Security Settings from the left menu, then Change Email Approval Code.  Enter an 8-digit code that’ll be easy for you to remember.  This is the code you can use for approving orders through the email notifications.
  • I noticed an option titled Enable Accessibility Mode. What is this for, and how can I activate it?
  • The "Enable Accessibility Mode," available in the Language, Time Zone and Display Settings section of the user profile, is used to activate accessibility features to assist users with low vision and is compatible with screen readers.  By default, this option is not activated.  In order to activate the accessibility mode, please contact our AggieBuy Help Desk at, and we'll activate it for you.