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AggieBuy FAQs


  • How do I return an item purchased in AggieBuy?
  • Please refer to the information provided on the packing slip for instructions on how to return an item or reach out to the supplier directly.  Each supplier has its own process for returning an item. 
  • I noticed a discrepancy for a split accounting line on the KFS Purchase Order created for my AggieBuy Requisition. Why is this?
  • Although the total dollar amount for the order should match what’s in AggieBuy, KFS calculates the tax differently.  In AggieBuy, tax is calculated only on the TOTAL amount of the order.  In KFS, tax is calculated on EACH item.  To match the AggieBuy tax total, KFS sometimes adds a penny or two to the amount allocated to one account in a split (to make up for rounding).  This throws the percentage off by a very small amount.
  • I noticed that the tax rate was calculating at 7.25% but it should be higher based on my shipping location. What do I need to do?
  • At the time the order is placed in AggieBuy, the tax rate is just an estimate (and displays the CA "base" rate of 7.25%), but when the invoice is paid to the supplier, the tax rate is calculated and paid based on the shipping location specified on the Purchase Order.   In other words, as long as you are entering a correct shipping location/postal code on each order, the tax rate will be correctly calculated and paid.
  • I submitted a Requisition and I realized it's incorrect. What do I do?
  • Check the status of the Requisition to determine what is possible.  Once a Requisition is submitted, it is not possible to ADD items to it, however there are still options for removing items or canceling (withdrawing) the Requisition.

    If the Requisition is in PENDING status, you can go to Document Actions and select Withdraw Entire Requisition, or go to Selected Line Item Actions and select the line(s) you wish to remove from the Requisition.  If you need to add new items, your best option is to create a new Requisition for the additional items.

    If the Requisition is in PENDING status, the Fiscal Officer can also use the same options listed above for modifying the Requisition.

    Once the Requisition is in COMPLETED status, it isn't possible to modify it in AggieBuy.  If necessary, you can contact the supplier and ask them to cancel the order or to not ship particular items.  But, you should not contact the supplier and ask them to add items to the order.  Any additional items should be added to a new Requisition that goes through the required routing in AggieBuy. 

  • Should I edit the tax amount on a Requisition if it appears to be incorrect?
  • No, the tax amount should not be edited.  Keep in mind that the tax displayed on the Requisition is just an estimate.  The correct amount to be expensed will occur at the time the payment is made to the supplier.  If you have questions or concerns about the tax amount, please contact us at
  • Is there anything I need to do for AggieBuy orders that won't be fulfilled by a supplier?
  • Yes, the KFS Purchase Order created by AggieBuy will need to be manually voided or closed in order to remove the encumbrances from the order. Please see our Adjustments page for instructions.  This should not be done until you have confirmed with the supplier that they will be unable to fulfill the order/line item.