AggieBuy FAQs


  • What is AggieBuy?
  • AggieBuy is the e-procurement system for buying goods at UC Davis. 
  • Can the Procurement Card or Kuali Financial System also be used to make purchases?
  •  AggieBuy should always be shopped FIRST to see if the requested items are available there. If not, you can use your Procurement Card or the Kuali Financial System (KFS) to make purchases. 
  • Can I order capital equipment from catalogs in AggieBuy?
  • Yes, AggieBuy includes many capital asset items, and we encourage you to purchase those items from AggieBuy whenever possible.
  • How are the suppliers in AggieBuy chosen?
  • Catalog suppliers are chosen through a combination of a UC systemwide or campus agreement, amount of spend and transactions with the university, and campus employee feedback.
  • What is the process for getting new Suppliers added to AggieBuy?
  • See the AggieBuy Supplier Onboarding page for information.

  • How can I learn more about the contracts in AggieBuy?
  • The Catalog Suppliers page can be used to learn about the catalogs available in AggieBuy.
  • Are there training and help guides available for AggieBuy?
  • Yes! Information on training is available on the AggieBuy website.  Help Guides are available on the website as well, by clicking the links on the left menu.

  • Are encumbrances created by AggieBuy?
  • The encumbrance is released once the payment has been made on the Payment Request (PREQ) document in KFS, which is automatically created when the supplier ships the item(s) and generates their invoice for the transaction. 

    If an order can't be fulfilled by a supplier for some reason, the Purchase Order (PO) created in KFS will need to be manually closed by the department.  This can be done by locating the PO in KFS and clicking the Close PO button or requesting the order to be voided by the AggieBuy Help Desk. This will remove the encumbrance from the order.

  • Why aren't all the items available on the supplier's public-facing site available in AggieBuy?
  • Suppliers do not always offer the same products in AggieBuy as they do on their public-facing websites. The suppliers regularly analyze reports of products purchased outside of AggieBuy with the continued goal to fine-tune their product offerings and provide the right product mix for our AggieBuy customers.  
  • How do AggieBuy transactions appear in FIS Decision Support (DS)?
  • Use the Transaction Listing (2) or other transaction reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) to see AggieBuy transactions. Because approved AggieBuy transactions automatically export to the Kuali Financial System and create POs and Payment Requests, the Feeder System Transaction Detail (212) does not display AggieBuy transactions

    Any other transaction reports that display KFS transactions will display the AggieBuy-created KFS POs and Payment Requests. Clicking on the KFS document number or Doc Type will display the KFS document information. The Description field will contain the AggieBuy Purchase Order Number in the format "UCDABxxxxxx" so you can verify the AggieBuy PO number associated with the transaction.

  • Is there a mobile version or app for AggieBuy?
  • Not at this time. We will continue to explore options for a mobile app or version of AggieBuy at a later date.
  • Can you select a different commodity code for gift card purchases?
  • AggieBuy customers  have the option to manually change the commodity code for a gift card purchase if necessary.  The default code is GIFTCARD (Employee Gift), which is assigned to object code 8072 (Employee Non-Cash Awards). 

    The other gift card commodity code options are:

    GIFTCDPA (Research Participant) assigned to object code 7202 (Research Subject) and GIFTCDNE (non-Employee Gift) assigned to object code 7710 (Non-Employee Non-Cash Award)
  • While shopping and selecting an item, I'm getting an error that the "item is blocked by my organization."  What does this mean, and how can I resolve it?
  • You might be shopping a punch-out site and get a message that the Items Are Blocked By Your Organization. This generally indicates that specific supplier is not contractually allowed to sell that item in AggieBuy.   This does not necessarily mean that the item is not available in AggieBuy, but it does mean you cannot purchase it from that supplier.

    If you receive this error message, perform a search on the Main Dashboard Product Search to see what other AggieBuy suppliers may sell that item.