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Department Admins: Setting Up Shared Cart Groups

AggieBuy Department Administrators have the ability to create Shared Cart User Groups.

These groups can:

  • Be a great way to allow multiple users in your department the ability to edit a single cart.
  • Reduce the number of redundant orders.
  • Be a great alternative to a Window Shopper assigning a cart to a Requester and finding out later they are out sick or on vacation.

How To Create a Shared Cart Group

  1. Click on the Shop (cart) icon on the left blue bar.
  2. On the Shop screen, select Admin, and then Manage Groups for Shared Carts.
  3. Click on the Create New Group button.
  4. In the New Shared Cart User Group section, enter a Name of the group that will be meaningful for your users (e.g., Dr Smith's Training Lab Personnel, Business Office Staff for Chemistry, etc.).
  5. You can enter a Description that will provide more information on the group if you wish.
  6.  In the User Group Members section, you can enter:
  • Department: where all AggieBuy users in that department will have access to sharing carts with that group. This includes users with Window Shopper roles as well.
  • Specific users (where only the specified users will have the ability to share carts with those specific users).  This includes users with Window Shopper roles as well.

If you have more than one department or user that you wish to add, you will need to repeat the process of adding each one separately. 

NOTE: You can add users that are outside of the specified department. For example, if you work with users in multiple departments (such as a Shared Services Center or a Department Cluster), you can indicate those users for access to those shared carts.

7.  Click the Save button to commit the changes.

NOTE:  It is important that your AggieBuy Shared Cart User Group contain at least one user with a Requester role so that the cart can be checked out and submitted into routing.  A best practice would be to include at least two persons with Requester access in your shared shopping cart.

Sharing A Cart With Another User

  1. When viewing a shopping cart, if you are an AggieBuy user that has membership in a cart user group, you will see a checkmark with the option to select the group(s) to which you wish to share your cart.
  2. Check the box next to Share my cart with others and click on the drop-down menu to view and select the groups for which you have been granted the ability to assign your cart.

How to know if a Cart Has Been Assigned to You

  1. Email and system notifications will alert the members of that group that a cart has been assigned to them.
  2. To view the cart, click on the cart icon on the left menu, select My Carts and Orders, and click View Draft Shopping Carts.
  3. The Drafts Shared With Me section identifies Shopping Carts that have been assigned to you.
  4. Click on the Shopping Cart Name to open the cart.
  5. You can then edit the cart and proceed to check out the cart.