AggieBuy Roles Application

The AggieBuy Roles Application is used by MSOs and Business Managers to assign AggieBuy and AggieShip roles for their department. 

For each department, we recommend that you set up at least two Requesters and Department Administrators, so that the work of purchasing and roles assignment can continue if the other Requester or Department Administrator is unavailable. 

View the Roles Guide for some possible role configurations for your department, whether you work in an office, a lab, or somewhere in between!

NOTE: After you have updated the role(s) of any AggieBuy or AggieShip users, they should log in to AggieBuy or AggieShip as soon as possibleand this will ensure that their AggieBuy and/or AggieShip user account is updated with their new role(s).

For example, if you assign Jane Doe as a Department Approver on the AggieBuy Roles Application, her Department Approver permissions won't actually exist in AggieBuy until she logs in to AggieBuy. 


  1. What Is the Roles Application?
  2. Assigning/Un-Assigning Roles
  3. Organization Review Dollar Values
  4. Requester Role Is Not Specific to ONE Department
  5. Affiliate Access
  6. Student Access (Employee and Non-Employee)
  7. Person Search
  8. Role Membership History
  9. Viewing Roles Assigned to Users

What Is the Roles Application?

The AggieBuy Roles Application is used by MSOs, Business Managers, and the employees to which they delegate the responsibility to assign the AggieBuy RequesterDepartment Approver, and Organization Reviewer roles for their department.

The Roles Application is also used to assign or remove the AggieShip-User role from employees/affiliates.

The application can also be used to assign other employees that should have the ability to assign these roles as a Department Administrator. 

NOTE: If you try to assign the same role to a user more than once you will receive an error message.

Assigning/Un-Assigning Roles

  1. Log in to the AggieBuy Roles Application with your campus login ID and Kerberos password. If you are not an authorized Department Administrator you will receive an error message when attempting to log in.

Each department(s) for which you are assigned as a Department Administrator will be listed (Home Department Code and Department Name).

Picture of AggieBuy Roles Home Screen

2. Click on the Home Department Code or the Department Name to access the screen where you can assign/un-assign users with the Requester, Department Approver, Organization Reviewer, or AggieShip-User roles.

List of roles for Home Department Code

3.  Click on the Add New Role Member button to assign a role to a user.

4.  On the Add a Role Membership pop-up screen:

  1. Select the Role that you wish to assign to the user.
  2. Enter the user name or enter the first few letters of their last or first name to select the person.
  3. The Active From Date and Active To Date fields are optional and can be helpful if you want the user to only have the role for a specific time period

5.  Click the Add button to commit the entry. After setting up users with new (or changed) roles, ask them to log in to AggieBuy and/or AggieShip as soon as possible, so that the new role will be active in AggieBuy and/or AggieShip.

In the screenshot below, we are setting up Jim Hewlett (login ID jimbob) with Requester access from April 15th, 2019 through November 30, 2019:

Assigning User with AggieBuy Requester Access

To un-assign a role, locate the role for which you want to remove the access and then click on the Remove button. The system will prompt you with an "are you sure" message before the removal takes effect.

If you wish to un-assign a Department Administrator, please contact our Help Desk at The system will not allow you to directly remove users assigned to this role.

Organization Review Dollar Values

If assigning approvers to the various Organization Review dollar tranches, the following apply:

  • Organization Reviewer- Low Value (0.00 - 2,499.99)
  • Organization Reviewer - Medium Low Value (2,500.00 - 4,999.99)
  • Organization Reviewer - Medium Value (5,000.00 - 9,999.99)
  • Organization Reviewer - High Value (10,000.00 - 24,999.99)
  • Organization Reviewer - Very High Value (25,000.00 - above)

The optional Organization Review routing will occur after the fiscal officer routing has occurred and is set up for routing to a specific individual. The Organization Review cannot be set up to route to a workgroup.

Requester Role is NOT Specific to One Department

Unlike the Department Approver and Organization Reviewer roles that must be set up for EACH home department code for which they are to apply, a user only has to be set up as a Requester for ONE home department code, and they will automatically have the ability to purchase on behalf of any department.

Affiliate Access

A university affiliate is someone not being paid via UCPath, but who has a business association with the university.  This may include county employees who work with the Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR) organization and students who are not being paid through UCPath.

A department must set up a non-employee as an Affiliate on the Temporary Affiliate Form BEFORE they can access and/or use any university systems, including AggieBuy.  The AggieBuy Department Administrator can then assign AggieBuy roles to the university affiliate:

  1. Click on the Affiliates tab. 
  2. Enter the last name or user ID of the affiliate you wish to add, and then click the Add button. This will then allow the affiliate the ability to log in and use AggieBuy as a Window Shopper.
  3. After you add the Affiliate on the Affiliates tab, you can then assign any additional roles (e.g., Requester) to the Affiliate on the Departments tab. 

Student Access (Student Employees Paid Through UCPath)

Student employees (on active payroll status in UCPath) are automatically granted access as Window Shoppers.  Student employees can be set up with other roles, such as Requester by following the steps listed in the Assigning/Un-Assigning Roles section.

Student Access (NOT on Active UC Davis Payroll Status)

Students who are not on active UC Davis payroll status can be set up as a Window Shopper in AggieBuy.   This is the ONLY role that can be assigned to a student non-employee. 

By default, student non-employees do NOT have AggieBuy access, but the Window Shopper access can be granted by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Affiliate/Student Home Depts tab, and then click on the Home Dept Code for which you wish to assign the student non-employee:AB Roles Access for Student Non-Employee


  2. Enter the last name or user ID of the student non-employee you wish to add, and then click the Add button. 
  3. The student non-employee will now have the ability to log in and use AggieBuy as a Window Shopper.

Person Search

The Person Search tab is used to retrieve information about the special roles (other than Window Shopper), that have been assigned to an AggieBuy or AggieShip user, with the specific activation and inactivation dates, if applicable.  Enter the last name or user ID of the person for whom you wish to see the applicable roles:

Person Search for AggieBuy User

Role Membership History

The Role Membership History tab is used to identify when a role was created/inactivated/edited:

AggieBuy Role Membership History Screen

  1. Click on Filter.
  2. You can then enter a specific time period, the person who made the assignment (Requester), or the Assignee (person for whom a role was assigned/unassigned). 
  3. You can also specify a particular RoleDepartment (enter the Home Department Code or part of the department name), and whether the Change was to CreateDisable, or Change Dates.
  4. Click the Filter button.

AggieBuy Roles Membership History Filter

Viewing Roles Assigned to Users

On the Department Roles tab, the roles assigned to each user are listed.  You can click on the Role Name header to sort the results alphabetically or reverse-alphabetically.  You can also click on the Filter button if you want to filter the results to see only specific roles (Requester, Department Administrator, Department Approver, etc.):

AggieBuy Roles Filter


Please refer to the AggieBuy informational site, or contact the AggieBuy Help Desk at  Questions on the AggieShip-User role should be directed to the AggieShip Help Desk at