AggieBuy Department Administrator

Each department has one or more AggieBuy Department Administrators who identify and assign/edit employees in their department with Requester, Department Approver, and Organization Reviewer roles.

Who Can Be A Department Administrator?

In most departments, the Department Administrator is the person who oversees/manages the business operations for the department.  Generally, it should be the person who is in the Management Services Officer (MSO), Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), or Business Manager role. 

The person in the role should identify a back-up Department Administrator as well.  The back-up Department Administrator may not necessarily be an MSO or CAO, but they should also have a full understanding of the business processes for the department and be able to adequately fill in for the primary Department Administrator if they are unavailable.

Responsibilities of Department Administrators

  • Use the AggieBuy Roles Application to ensure that the appropriate roles of Requester (required), Department Approver (optional), and Organization Reviewer (optional) are assigned to users in their department
  • Make sure at least one other departmental staff member is also set up with the Department Administrator role in AggieBuy.
  • Before leaving the department, assign the Department Administrator role to your successor.
  • Contact the AggieBuy Help Desk at to request removal of a Department Administrator role. Review Shipping Addresses for Department to ensure they are correct; contact AggieBuy Help Desk if new one needs to be added
  • At least twice a year, review the list of Requesters, Department Approvers, and Organization Reviewers in their department.
  • Promptly remove AggieBuy roles from employees that will be separating from the university or are transferring to another department.
  • OPTIONAL: Set up and manage Shared Cart User Groups and Shared Favorites

AggieBuy As Alternative to Pre-Purchasing System

Many departments use a “pre-purchasing system” for their faculty and/or other staff to enter their requested purchases, and then another staff member enters the desired products in AggieBuy. 

It might be easier for your “pre-purchasers” to use the Window Shopper functionality to log in to AggieBuy, browse the multiple catalogs, and create their own shopping carts. The Window Shopper role is the default assigned to ALL UC Davis employees, including faculty, student employees, and part-time employees. Window Shoppers are able to create shopping carts, but cannot submit them directly into routing. The Window Shopper assigns their cart to an AggieBuy Requester who can then place the order on their behalf.

Refer to AggieBuy Window Shopper (PDF) to learn more about the Window Shopper role in AggieBuy and the AggieBuy Roles Guide for suggestions on ways you can incorporate Window Shoppers into your AggieBuy process.