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AggieBuy Catalog Suppliers

AggieBuy Catalog Suppliers

Visit the University Supplier Promotions page to learn about how to take advantage of current supplier offers and discounts!

This page describes the two types of catalogs in AggieBuy, followed by the types of commodities/products available, and the suppliers that specialize in those commodities.

Hosted Catalog

A hosted catalog is one where all of the items are available to search and shop by using the Product Search field on the AggieBuy Main Dashboard. Benefits of a Hosted Catalog include:
  • Ability to easily price and compare with other hosted catalogs. You can filter by supplier and also sort and compare by price and product features.
  • No need to go to specific supplier to search for a product. If you don't know which supplier(s) sell a particular item, the hosted catalog product search can help you find out who does.

Punch-Out Catalog

A punch-out catalog is one where the AggieBuy customer clicks on the applicable supplier tile on the main dashboard to access the supplier's catalog in a separate window in AggieBuy. The customer then performs product searches directly on the supplier's catalog page.

Benefits of a Punch-Out Catalog include:

  • Ability to see available inventory (number of items avaiable). Know up front if the items are available or on back order status.
  • Options to configure items. such as customizing a computer system.
  • Ability to create and retrieve e-quotes.
  • See just the items from a specific supplier. This is a great option if you prefer to shop with a specific supplier.

Antibodies and Assays

Supplier Description Hosted /
Punch-Out /
Cell Signaling Technology Cell Signaling Technology develops and produces antibodies, ELISA kits, ChIP kits, proteomic kits, and other related regents used to study the cell signaling pathways that impact human health. H

Computing, Software, and Electronics

Supplier Description Hosted /
Punch-Out /
Apple Computer The catalog covers many items from the Apple line of products. P
B&H Photo The catalog includes cameras, video, film, audio, computers, and many electronics. Pricing on average should be 5%-6% less than their public site. P
CDW-G The catalog covers a wide range of products, from memory and cables to monitors and projectors. P
Dell The Dell contract offers computers, monitors, printers, servers, software, and PDAs. P
ePlus ePlus is a value added reseller of Cisco products, and is the lowest cost vehicle for purchasing Cisco products. The ePlus catalog includes Cisco network equipment, wireless, firewall, servers, storage, and related products and services. P
Lenovo Lenovo designs, develops, manufactures, and sells personal computers, tablet computers, and workstations. P
Main Street Technologies (HP) The agreement with Hewlett Packard (HP) covers computers, imaging and printing products, including laptops, desktops, printers, scanners and fax machines. Use the special pricing code field to take advantage of university discounts. P
Ricoh Ricoh produces electronic products, primarily cameras and office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines. P
SHI International SHI resells the following software to the university, at agreement pricing: Adobe, Filemaker, McAfee, Microsoft (MCCA and Select), and Symantec. Other titles are also available. P
UC Davis Stores UCD Stores catalog includes items from their standard Apple catalog. iPhones are not included. NOTE: Only one account is allowed per line item when purchasing from UC Davis Stores at this time. H

Gift Cards

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
National Gift Card Corp NGC offers a large selection of retail gift cards, as well as Visa and American Express gift cards. P

Janitorial/Custodial Supplies

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Waxie Sanitary Supply Carries a wide range of janitorial supplies, including paper products, chemicals, supplies, and equipment. H

Lab Essentials

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
AggieSupply Scientific Store AggieSupply features items to meet your laboratory supply and research needs. Benefits of using this catalog include two storefronts on campus. H
Agilent Technologies Agilent provides analytical instruments, software, services and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow. P
Bio-Rad Laboratories This agreement provides items from their life sciences catalog, including reagents and research supplies. B
Eppendorf Eppendorf develops, produces and sells products and services for laboratories. H
Fisher Scientific Fisher Scientific is the University of California Primary supplier of laboratory products, consumables, chemicals, and equipment. Featured products are from many manufacturers, including FEI, Alfa Aesar, One Lambda, Millipore-Sigma, Roche, EMD, Promega, Lonza, Corning, BD Becton-Dickinson, R&D Systems, Mediatech, Sartorius, Honeywell, Grace, Acros, Gilson, and 3M. B
Genesee Scientific Genesee Scientific is a manufacturer and distributor of global life science research products.

Note: Genesee customers can access their personal quoted prices by entering their customer account number in the Note to all suppliers field in the General section of their AggieBuy Requisition, and the discount will be applied.

Global Life Sciences Solutions USA LLC (Formerly GE Healthcare) Global Life Sciences Solutions USA LLC is a life sciences supplier that offers autoradiography accessories, chromatography, electrophoresis, high throughput screening, molecular biology, protein expression and purification, Whatman products, GE Filters, lamps. They also offer a New Lab Start up program! Discounted pricing available on ALL GE direct items including AKTA, Biacore, InCell, Via Freeze / Via Thaw and Typhoon systems H
Life Technologies Life Technologies currently offers products and services to support research in cellular analysis and genomics. Featured products include those from manufacturers Life Tech LSG, Affymetrix, and Eppendorf. B
Millipore Sigma The Millipore Sigma catalog includes more than 300,000 products, spanning each step of the biotech/biopharma production chain B
Qiagen Qiagen's catalog includes complete kits for predefined applications in sample preparation and analysis and also individual enzymes and reagents that research laboratories can use to develop their own applications. H
Rainin Rainin provides monthly pipette calibration and maintenance service at the AggieSupply Scientific Store, as well as pipettes and other lab supplies. P
Spectrum Chemical Spectrum specializes in filtration, purification, and chromatography supplies and equipment. H
VWR International Offers a wide variety of laboratory supplies, from protective lab apparel to thermometers, hygrometers to microscopes. B

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Anixter The catalog supplies communications and security products and electrical and electronic wire and cable. P
Fastenal Fastenal sells industrial, safety, and construction supplies, including electrical, hydraulic, welding, and plumbing supplies and equipment. P
Grainger Grainger catalog includes: adhesives, electrical, fasteners, fleet & vehicle maintenance, HVAC, hand tools, hardware, painting, lighting, material handling, motors, plumbing, pneumatics & hydraulics, power tools & metalworking. B
HD Supply HD Supply specializes in maintenance, repair and operations, and water infrastructure supplies and equipment. H

Medical Supplies

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
AmerisourceBergen (Coming Soon!) They provide drug distribution and related services, distribute a line of brand name and generic pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter (OTC) health care products P
Medline Industries Medline Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies. P
PerkinElmer Health Sciences PerkinElmer produces analytical instruments, genetic testing and diagnostic tools, medical imaging components, software, instruments, and consumables. H

Miscellaneous (Tax-Free Alcohol, University Service Awards, Hazardous Materials Packaging)

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Central Storehouse Central Storehouse sells items to support campus activities, including tax-free alcohol, university service awards, and hazardous materials packaging. H

Molecular and Cell Biology Research

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
New England Biolabs New England Biolabs, Inc. is a world leader in the production of high quality restriction endonucleases, modifying enzymes and kits for molecular and cell biology research. See the flyer for more information. H

Office Furniture

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Steelcase Offer an extensive range of quality furniture options, and also covers design and installation services. P
Office Depot The Office Depot contract features the HON furniture line, a lower priced option for standard office furnishings. H

Office Supplies

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Office Depot Select this catalog to order all of your office supplies, including: paper, copier/fax supplies, and computer accessories. H

Oligos and Sequencing

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Eurofins The Eurofins catalog provides items and services for the testing of food, environmental, and pharmaceutical products, in addition to DNA Sequencing and Custom Oligos. At this time, if you wish to use the Eurofins agreement, please complete a Requisition in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), citing agreement number A42573. P
Horizon Discovery (Dharmacon) Dharmacon features products for RNA oligonucleotide synthesis, including CRISPR, RNAi, siRNA, miRNA, shRNA, cDNA, ORFs, and Transfection Reagents. P
Integrated DNA Technologies Integrated DNA Technologies provides custom nucleic acids, serving the areas of academic research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. P

Uniform Supplies

Supplier Description Hosted / Punch-Out / Both
Aramark Uniform Services Aramark is a uniform apparel provider for food service, facilities, and student housing. Items from the Aramark catalog are available for purchase only, not for rental. Aramark rentals can be processed on a Requisition through KFS, citing Agreement A28548 At this time, the available items do not include an embroidery option. P