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Project Background

The AggieBuy project was a collaborative effort between UC Davis, UC Office of the President and UC e-Procurement Center for Excellence (eCOE). 

Below are the members of the project team:

UC Davis

Expertise Name Role

Kelly Ratliff

Interim VC/CFO


Mike Allred

Project Sponsor


Tim Maguire

Supply Chain Management Director


Mike Kuhner

AP & Travel Manager


Lia Scott

SME, Change Management


Jim Hewlett

SME, Change Management/Training/Communications


Phill Lacey

Storehouse Manager


Mike Morgan

Commodities Procurement Supervisor


Diane Davies-Conley

Tax Manager

Technical Radhika Prabhu PMO, IT Manager
  Andrew Hollamon Senior Programmer
  Mira Kaloper Programmer
  Dan Lasala Business Analyst / Quality Assurance
  Trula Daugherty Business Analyst

UC e-Procurement Center for Excellence

Expertise Name Role

Erin Riley

Product Champion & Application Owner


Christina Jones

Business Analyst


Nick Bowerman

Project Manager

Technical Bill Sweetman UCSD Director of Information Systems
  Jennifer Kramer UCSD Enterprise Development Manager

Project Advisory Group

The Advisory Group provided this project with the end user and departmental perspective. The members of the group crossed a broad range of interests and units at UC Davis, ensuring a robust perspective on this project. The Advisory Group also assisted with testing. In order to maintain as broad a membership as possible, while still keeping monthly meetings and discussions manageable, the Advisory Group was divided into a Core Group and an Extended Group.

  • Core Group
  • This group will meet monthly, with occasional additional meetings as needed for the project. This group will advise on various topics from prioritizing catalogs to identifying key constituent groups that should be targeted for communications.

    Name Department Top Level Organization
    Brenda Scalzi Utilities VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Deb Kronenberg SOH, Finance Unit School of Medicine
    Debbie Smith Molecular & Cellular Biology College of Biological Sciences
    Dee Madderra Plant Sciences College of Ag & Environmental Sciences
    Heidi Parks Social Sciences Dean's Office College of Letters & Science
    Jennifer Carmichael Accounting & Financial Services - Distribution Services VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Jill Dolcini-Allard Student Health & Counseling Services VC Student Affairs
    Jim Goldsberry IET Communications Resources Office of the CIO and Vice Provost
    Jita Buno Supply Chain Management - UCDHS UCD Health System
    Laura Townsley Shared Services Center VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Leo Almeida Design and Construction Management VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Mark Johnston Bookstore VC Student Affairs
    Patricia Cox Vet Med Central Services School of Veterinary Medicine
    Perla Dinger Shared Services Center VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Randy Bruce Primate Center Office of Research
    Reina Dela Cruz Accounting & Financial Services - ESS VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Sally Harmsworth Business Operations Center UC ANR
    Tiffany Hsieh Engineering Shared Services College of Engineering
    Yevgeniy Gnedash BFTV Admin Cluster College of Ag & Environmental Sciences
  • Extended Group
  • This group provided additional input on key topics, and received updates on Core group discussions. They participated in some highlight events, such as a kick-off meeting, demonstrations and testing sessions.

    Name Department Top Level Organization
    Barbara Bower Bio & Ag Engineering/BFTV CA&ES and COE
    Delisha Gordon-Brown Internship & Career Center Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
    Diane Denman John Muir Institute Office of Research
    Eugene Dunn Vet Med:  Comparative Pathology Laboratory School of Veterinary Medicine
    Gwendolyn Caramanica Chemical Engineering & Materials Science College of Engineering
    Jennifer Fraize Utilities VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and     Administration
    Laura Kemp Physics College of Letters & Science - MPS
    Lisa Jurado Entomology College of Ag & Environmental Sciences
    Lynn Keehn Development and Alumni Relations VC Development and Alumni Relations
    Mai Tran Radiation Oncology UCD Health System
    Mark Gibson Shared Services Center VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Nancy Molina IET-Academic Technology Services Office of the CIO and Vice Provost
    Nicole Gibson IET Business Office Office of the CIO and Vice Provost
    Pamela Lowart Center for Neuroscience College of Biological Sciences
    Pia Flory Engr: Shared Svc-Purc College of Engineering
    Ruben Arevalo Information Technology School of Veterinary Medicine
    Sande Dyer DSS IT and Research Centers UC ANR
    Seana Fitisemanu San Bernardino Administration School of Veterinary Medicine
    Sherrell Cline-Richmond ANR Communication Services UC ANR
    Stacey Baker Shared Services Center, Purchasing VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Steven Train Shared Services Center VC-CFO, Finance, Operations and Administration
    Steven Garcia Microbiology & Molecular Genetics College of Biological Sciences
    Veronica Chavez Languages & Literatures College of Letters & Science

Project Timeline and Milestones

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 1 of the AggieBuy implementation project includes setting up the system to allow purchasing from hosted vendor catalogs and punch-out vendors. Below is the timeline of Phase 1 (all dates year 2016):

    Date Activity
    February 2016 Focus groups:  Configuration validation
    February - April 2016 User Acceptance Testing:  End-users testing catalog shopping
    May - August 2016 Issue Fixes and System Development
    August 2016 Catalogs live in production
    September 2016 First live orders - one to each vendor
    October 2016 Pilot and Pilot Training Period for 4 Rounds of Departments
    October 2016 First pilot orders successfully created in AggieBuy
    October 2016

    Departments:  Assign roles in each department; Set up ship-to addresses;  Confirm full departmental list

    End of October 2016 Training Available
    November 2016 AggieBuy LIVE for entire campus!
    November 2016 Supplier Showcase Kick-Off Event!
  • Phase 1.5
  • Between November 2016 and February 2017, AggieBuy Phase 1.5 addressed the following items:

    Development Description
    Affiliate Access Ensured that Official UCD affiliates could access and use AggieBuy
    Capital Asset Additional Business Rules to ensure Capital Asset(s) screen is properly completed before Purchase Order is exported to Supplier
    Credit Memo Functionality Ensured that supplier-issued credits are properly documented to the correct account(s) with the appropriate General Ledger (GL) entries
    Department Approver Ensured that Department Approver functionality works for users and departments that order for users and departments other than their own, such as with some cluster units and the Shared Services Center (SSC)
    Organization Reviewer Developed a functionality similar to what is available in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) with the Organization Review process
    Roles Application Created a tool that gives Department Administrators the ability to assign/reassign Requesters and Department Approvers in their department
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 2 of the AggieBuy implementation project included adding requisitions, agreements, receiving, invoicing and custom forms. This phase created a central gateway for all procurement and payment processes and will replace the procure-to-pay processes currently done in KFS. Phase two included the addition of the following features:

    > Ability to request high-value orders requiring bidding/competitive pricing
    > Improved/streamlined user interface for procurement/payment
    > Service Procurement
    > Ability to Procure Non-Catalog Items
    > Receipt Export to KFS
    > Ability to Process Trade-Ins

A Features Comparison of UCD Buy and AggieBuy


Function UCD Buy AggieBuy
Product Search Parameters By description or catalog number By keyword, description, supplier, or manufacturer. Can choose keywords to exclude from search results.
Product Search Results Sorting X
Product Search Results Filtering X
Product Comparison X This functionality makes it easier to determine the "best" product for your specific needs.
Shipping Address Options One shipping address for all items in an order Individual line items in one order can be shipped to different addresses
Rush Shipping Rush shipping available on Dell orders only Rush shipping available on many orders (if provided by supplier)
Purchasing capital assets from catalogs X In the past, all capital asset purchases (at or above $5,000) had to be purchased on a Requisition in KFS. Now, you can purchase these items directly in AggieBuy!
Sharing favorites X
Ability to add notes X You can add notes for approvers or other background information on the order
Ability to add Attachments X Attachments can provide additional information for approvers

Accounting/Routing/Approving Orders

AggieBuy has features and benefits for those users responsible for approving orders and account information, including fiscal officers.

Function UCD Buy AggieBuy
Flexibility in Order Creation and Submission X

As in UCD Buy, fiscal officers/account delegates approve orders.  However, AggieBuy has the added functionality of "cart assignees" that can be set up to submit orders for employees with a "Window Shopper" role. 

A "Window Shopper" is the role assigned to someone that may not have the accounting information for an order (such as a PI), and a cart assignee can submit the order on behalf of the Window Shopper.

Split Accounts/Funding at the Individual Item Level X Multiple accounts can be entered for each item!  This functionality reduces the need to process Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) documents in KFS!
Pending Order Cancellations Pending order cancellation requires contacting approver Whole pending orders or individual line items can be canceled from the order page (prior to final approval)
Return for Correction X Problem with an order? As an approver, you can return the order to the initiator for correction!