Approval Process in AggieBuy

This page provides an overview of the AggieBuy approval process and instructions on how to take action on an AggieBuy Requisition.

AggieBuy Approvers Training is recommended for anyone who will be approving transactions in AggieBuy.
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How to Take Approval Action on Requisition

Locating Requisitions to Approve

You will receive an email notification each time you have an AggieBuy requisition pending your approval, unless you have opted out in your Profile settings. You can access the pending requisition by clicking the link provided in the AggieBuy notification email (email link ONLY works if approver is already logged in to AggieBuy).

You can also view requisitions requiring your approval at any time in AggieBuy.  Click the Flag icon in the upper right corner.  There will be one or two groups listed:

  • My Assigned Approvals:  Requisitions ONLY in YOUR Action List for approval.
  • Unassigned Approvals: Available for approval by one or more approvers, including you; this frequently occurs when a fiscal officer OR an account delegate(s) can take action on a requisition.
Locating Requisitions for Approval


Next, click on the carat next to the My PR Approvals link to view the requisitions, and then click on the specific requisition number to view and take approval action:

Opening AggieBuy Requisition to Approve


Assigned Approvals

For assigned approvals, after opening the document, you can approve, reject, or return the requisition to the initiator by clicking the appropriate option on the upper right side of the document screen.  You can also edit the various sections of the requisition by clicking on the pencil icon in the appropriate section.

Approving Requisition in AggieBuy



Unassigned Approvals

For unassigned approvals, the approval options will display a bit differently.  There will be an Assign To Myself button that allows the approver to reject, return to the initiator, or edit the requisition.  If the approver simply wants to approve the requisition, they can click on the arrow, and select Approve.

Unassigned Approvals in AggieBuy


Editing a Requisition

As an approver, you can edit each section of the requisition by clicking on the pencil icon. 

AggieBuy Edit Screen Functionality


You should enter a comment to indicate why you made any changes to the requisition.  You can do so by clicking on the Comments tab, click the + button, enter your comment, and click the check icon:

AggieBuy: Adding a comment to Requisition


There are some changes you should not make. If you need to change the account you should only enter other accounts that are within your approval authority. If the account needs to be changed to one that does not fall within your approval authority, you should return the requisition to the Requester, instructing them to make the appropriate changes and resubmit the requisition. Once resubmitted, the requisition will route to the authorized fiscal officer and account delegate(s).

Viewing Document History

At any time, a record of all actions taken on a document, including any edits made by approvers, can be viewed by opening the document and clicking on History.

AggieBuy Requisition History


Purchase Order is Automatically Created

Once the requisition has received all the required approvals and has passed system validations, a Purchase Order will be automatically created and electronically sent to each supplier on the requisition.