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Approval Process in AggieBuy

This page provides an overview of the AggieBuy approval process and instructions on how to take action on an AggieBuy Requisition.

AggieBuy Approvers Training is recommended for anyone who will be approving transactions in AggieBuy.

Routing Workflow

All AggieBuy requisitions will have at least two different persons on the workflow; a Requester and a Fiscal Officer/Delegate. If a Fiscal Officer is the Requester, the system will require that a Delegate then approve the requisition, so that there are always at least two different persons on the workflow.

Depending on the type of order, there may also be the following approval steps:

  • Department Approval: (if specified by the Requester at time of order submission)
  • Organization Review: Optional based on Dollar Amount designated by Department Administrator
  • EH&S: Routing occurs automatically if purchasing radioactive/hazardous items
  • Post-Department: Routing to Tax Accounting if Research Equipment indicator checked on the Requisition

To view the approvals secured (or still required) on a requisition, complete the following steps:

1.  Enter the requisition number in the Search field in the top banner of AggieBuy.

2.  When the requisition is open, click on the PR Approvals link on the left menu to see what approvals have been secured (or need to be). Click on View Approvers to see who can approve for that specific approval step.


Viewing Workflow and Document History

Once a requisition is created, the approval workflow can be viewed by opening the requisition window and choosing PR Approvals from the bottom of the left menu. This information can also be viewed from the Purchase Order window by choosing PO Approvals from the menu.

At any time, a record of all actions taken on a document can be viewed by opening the document and clicking on History in the top right-hand corner of the document window. 

Reviewing AggieBuy Requisitions

You will receive an email notification each time you have a requisition pending your approval, unless you have opted out in your Profile settings. You can access the pending requisition by any of these methods:

  • Clicking the link provided in the AggieBuy notification email (email link ONLY works if approver is already logged in to AggieBuy)
  • In AggieBuy, clicking the Action Items (flag) icon at the top of the screen, then choosing either assigned or unassigned requisitions.
  • In AggieBuy, clicking the Orders icon (papers with clock icon) on the left side of the screen, choosing Approvals, then My Approvals.

You are now on the Approvals Page where you can see all requisitions available for your approval.

The Approvals page can be viewed in two different modes. At the top of the page, next to “Group Results By:” you can choose between Folders or List.

  • Folders View - Requisitions that you have assigned to yourself are in a folder titled My PR Approvals. All other requisitions available for your approval are grouped in folders by Chart/Account number.
  • List View - all requisitions that are available for your approval are listed. At the top of the list, under Results Per Page, you can choose to hide or show requisition details.

In many cases, multiple approvers have the ability to approve a requisition at the same approval step. So, unless you’ll be approving or rejecting a requisition in short time, assign the requisition to yourself to prevent other approvers from working on the same requisition. Do this either by:

  • clicking the Assign button before opening the requisition, or
  • opening the requisition and clicking Document Actions at the top of the screen, then choosing Assign to myself

If you’d like to unassign the requisition, click Document Actions and choose Return to Shared Folder.

Multiple requisitions can be assigned or approved at once by checking the boxes to the right of the requisitions, then choosing an action from the Document Actions drop-down menu.

When reviewing a requisition, several fields need your special attention:

  • Payment: Chart of Accounts section, where the account(s) selected by the Requester will display
  • Internal Notes and Attachments section, which may contain notes or explanations from the Requester regarding the order, and the line items on the order


Changing Information

To make changes to the account, or other information, assign the requisition to yourself, then click the Edit button at the top right of each section in which you’d like to make changes. In AggieBuy, the approver has the ability to change most of the fields on the Requisition; the History section maintains a record of who made the changes and when those changes were made.

As an approver, there are some changes you should not make. If you need to change the account you should only enter accounts that are within your approval authority. If the account needs to be changed to one that does not fall within your approval authority, you should return the requisition to the Requester, instructing them to make the appropriate changes and resubmit the requisition. Once resubmitted, the requisition will route to the authorized fiscal officer and account delegate(s).


Getting Information from Requester

Prior to making an approval decision,  you can use the Comments section to email questions or comments to the requester (or others). Click Add Comment to enter a comment and choose the recipient. Your comment will be emailed to the recipient and automatically noted in the order history log.


Rejecting or Returning a Requisition

In some cases you may want to return the requisition to the requester to have changes made. To do this, assign the requisition to yourself by selecting Assign to myself from the Document Actions menu.

Next, select the option Return to Requisitioner from the Document Actions menu. A returned requisition can be resubmitted by the requester after changes have been made.

You also have the ability to reject all or part of a requisition:

  • To reject an entire Requisition: select Reject Requisition from the Document Actions menu. Note: Once a Requisition has been rejected, it cannot be resubmitted.


  • To reject individual line items:
    1. Scroll down to the Lines section of the requisition.
    2. Put a check in the box next to the item(s) you want to reject.
    3. Open the Selected Line Item Actions at the top of the line item list, and choose Reject Selected Items
    4. Go back to Document Actions at the top of the requisition and select Approve/Complete Step to approve the requisition with the remaining (non-rejected) items.


Approving a Requisition

  • To approve a requisition, open the drop-down menu next to Document Actions at the top of the requisition screen and choose Approve/complete step


  • Requisitions can also be approved from a list of requisitions by checking the box to the right of the requisition, then choosing Approve/Complete from the drop-down list at the top of the page. Multiple requisitions can be selected and approved at once.  

If a requisition you’ve approved contains specialty items or is over a specified dollar amount, it may route for additional approvals with one or more central office units, such as Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).


Purchase Order is Automatically Created

Once the requisition has received all the required approvals and has passed system validations, a Purchase Order will be automatically created and electronically sent to each supplier on the requisition.