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Advanced Document Search

Learn about advanced searches and saving searches.


On the AggieBuy home page, click on the Documents link on the left menu and then select the Search Documents option.

An Advanced Document Search allows you to search for AggieBuy documents using a lot of different search criteria:

  • Search: Selecting "All Documents" will ensure that you will receive all results, whether it's a Requisition, Purchase Order, Invoice, or manually-created Receipt. The "Sourcing Events" option is only for use by Procurement and Contracting Services staff.  However, you can select just a specific option if desired.
  • Documents from the drop-down menu to access the search screen again.
  • Document Number(s): Enter a specific document number or numbers in this field.
  • Participants: This field is used to enter the name or email of anyone that was on the routing chain for the transaction.   When entering a name or email address, the system will begin displaying names that match the search to assist in getting the data entered more quickly.  
    NOTE: If searching on approver names, in some cases, they may not have actually approved the individual transaction but were in the group or a delegate notified about the transaction, even if someone else approved it from their approval group.
  • Owner: This can be the name of the Requester or the name of the person on whose behalf the order was placed as in the case of a user with a Window Shopper role. For example, if Joe Smith is a Window Shopper, and assigns his carts to Jane Brown, you can search against either Joe Smith or Jane Brown as the owner.
  • Date: Select the date range or specific dates if desired.
  • Total Amount: Select the range of dollar amounts if desired.
  • Supplier: Enter one or more supplier names if desired. When entering a supplier name, the system will begin displaying names that match the search to assist in getting the data entered more quickly.
  • Business Unit: This search field is not currently in use.
  • Catalog Number (SKU): This field is useful if you want to search for items with a particular SKU.
  • Product Description: Want to locate all orders that contained pencils? This field can be used to enter a word(s) contained in the supplier item description to return results with that word in the item description.
  • Product Flags: Some items have special indicators associated with them based on what the supplier has identified for that item. Click on the ? icon to learn more about what that indicator represents. Select the box next to any of the indicators to see items that match that specific flag(s).

Helpful Tips:

  • Multiple search criteria - If entering multiple search criteria in a field, enter a comma between each one. Multiple criteria searches use the or search convention. The search will retrieve any results that match any one of the search criteria in the field.
  • Refreshing your search - We recommend not using the back button on your Internet browser to modify a previously-run search as this can cause searching discrepancies when attempting to run the search again. We recommend clicking Search Documents in the upper left corner and selecting Search.

Saving Your Searches

When your results appears, there will be a Search Details screen on the left side of the page:

Save Search Screen

This screen contains the search criteria used for the search. 

  • Click on the Save New Search button if you wish to save the search to a special folder for easy access to re-run at a later time. Any time you want to access your saved searches, click on the Document Search drop-down menu in the upper left corner and select View Saved Searches from the menu.
  • Click on the Export Search button to generate an export file of the search results that will be available from the Action Items section of the AggieBuy home page, in the Administrative Items section once it's completed.