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Account & Sub-Account Entry in AggieBuy

Whether you are entering a default account in your user profile or on a specific Requisition, the account should be entered in the following format:






Chart-Account Chart Dash Account



Accounts that contain letters should be entered in UPPERCASE letters.

Chart-Account-SubAccount Chart Dash Account Dash Subaccount



In order for the subaccount to be validated by the system, the chart and account to which the subaccount is assigned must be entered.

Special note on sub-accounts

  • No Special Characters: Sub-accounts with special characters (hyphens, etc.) are NOT allowed in AggieBuy. If you attempt to use a sub-account with a special character, the order will not submit to the supplier. If you need to expense something to a sub-account with a special character, you will need to process a Distribution of Income and Expense document in KFS to move the expense after it has posted to the ledger.