Account & Sub-Account Entry in AggieBuy

Whether you are entering a default account in your user profile or on a specific Requisition, the account should be entered in the following format:



(Chart Dash Account)

  • 3-6620110

Accounts that contain letters should be entered in UPPERCASE letters.



(Chart Dash Account Dash Subaccount)

  • 3-6620110-12345
  • S-ACCOUNT-12345

In order for the subaccount to be validated by the system, the chart and account to which the subaccount is assigned must be entered.


Special note on sub-accounts

  • No Special Characters: Sub-accounts with special characters (hyphens, etc.) are NOT allowed in AggieBuy. If you attempt to use a sub-account with a special character, the order will not submit to the supplier. If you need to expense something to a sub-account with a special character, you will need to process a Distribution of Income and Expense document in KFS to move the expense after it has posted to the ledger.