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Access & Roles in AggieBuy

There are many options to consider when setting up AggieBuy roles. 

The list below describes the roles for which most AggieBuy users are assigned. 

To see the role for which you are assigned:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of your AggieBuy screen
  2. Select View Profile
  3. Click on User Roles and Access on the left menu, and click Assigned Roles

NOTE: AggieBuy Department Administrators can refer to the Roles Application Guide for more information on each of the roles and how to assign the roles to your AggieBuy users.

Role Descriptions:

Window Shopper 

  • This is the default for all active UC Davis employees (on active payroll status). A Window Shopper can create a shopping cart and place items in it, but cannot submit an order. Once the Window Shopper is finished shopping, the cart must be assigned to a Requester, who can check out the cart, creating a requisition and initiating the approval process.
  • Window Shoppers are not required to complete all ordering information. For example, a Window Shopper does not need to enter accounting, shipping, or Capital Asset information. They can add an item to a cart and assign it to the Requester without having to complete any additional information.
  • NOTE: AggieBuy does not interface with the various "pre-purchasing" systems used on campus. The Window Shopper role can be used as a "pre-purchasing system" where the Window Shopper identifies the item(s) they want and assign the cart to a Requester. The Requester's review and cart check-out acts as the "approval" of the order. 
  • Refer to the Window Shoppers Guide (PDF) and Shopping Quick Reference (PDF) for information on creating a cart.


  • Requesters can create a shopping cart and place items in it, and they can check out the cart, creating a requisition and initiating the approval process. Requesters can also check out shopping carts assigned to them by a Window Shopper.  
  • Every order submitted by a Requester must be approved by at least one other person; separation of duties is automatically enforced in AggieBuy.
  • An AggieBuy user has to be set up as a Requester by the Department Administrator before they can submit orders on behalf of their department. 
  • Each department should have multiple Requesters set up so that AggieBuy ordering can continue when one Requester is out of the office/otherwise unavailable to create Requisitions
  • Refer to the Shopping Quick Reference (PDF) for information on creating and checking out a cart.

Department Approver

  • This is an optional approval step that precedes approval by a Fiscal Approver. A Requester can add a Department Approver to the approval sequence by opening the General section of the Requisition screen and clicking Edit. This is similar to ad hoc routing a document to an approver in the Kuali FInancial System (KFS). 
  • It is only possible to specify ONE Department Approver per Requisition, but a department can have MULTIPLE Department Approvers from which to choose. 
  • Permissions include: edit/approve/reject requisitions and add lines to pending Requisitions.
  • An AggieBuy user has to be set up as a Department Approver by the Department Administrator before they can be selected by the Requester on a transaction.
  • A Department Approver is set up per a specific Home Department. When checking out a shopping cart, the Requester will only be able to select a Department Approver that is assigned to the same Home Department for which they are also assigned.
  • Refer to the Approvals Quick Reference (PDF) for information on approving an AggieBuy order.

Fiscal Approver

  • Fiscal Approvers are assigned to a requisition according to the account(s) specified on the requisition. The Fiscal Approver is the Fiscal Officer or Account Delegate assigned to the account(s) for approval of Requisitions.
  • Permissions include: edit/approve/reject Requisitions and add lines to pending Requisitions. 
  • Changes to the Fiscal Officer assigned to an account are processed on an Account or Account Global document in KFS; changes to the Account Delegate assigned to an account are processed on an Account Delegate or Account Delegate Global document.
  • Refer to the Approvals Quick Reference (PDF) for information on approving an AggieBuy order.

Organization Reviewer

  • This is an optional level of routing that automatically occurs after the fiscal approver routing. Similar in some ways to KFS organization review, and based on specific dollar amounts. For example, it can be used to force routing of an order for $6,000 to a specific user in the department for review/approval.  Dollar amounts that can be set up are as follows:
  1. Low Value (0.00 - 2,499.99)
  2. Medium Low Value (2,500.00 - 4,999.99)
  3. Medium Value (5,000.00 - 9,999.99)
  4. High Value (10,000.00 - 24,999.99)
  5. Very High Value (25,000.00 - above)
  • Permissions include: edit/approve/reject requisitions.
  • AggieBuy does NOT retrieve Organization Review information from KFS; in other words if you have Organization Review set up in KFS, it won’t appear in AggieBuy
  • This level of approval utilizes the Department to whom the Requester is assigned, or the department indicated in the Shopping On Behalf Of field (if different from the Requester’s Department)
  • An AggieBuy user has to be set up as an Organization Reviewer by the Department Administrator.

Specialty Approver

  • Routing to a Specialty Approver is triggered by supplier-provided flags (radioactive, controlled substance), UNSPSC, or commodity code. 
  • Examples of departments with Specialty Approvers include EH&S, Police, Fire, and Fleet Services. 
  • Permissions include: edit/approve/reject requisitions.

Inventorial Equipment Approver

  • Approver who has the ability to review Purchase Orders that have been identified as containing a Capital Asset.

Buyer Approver

  • Buyer Approvers are individuals in Procurement & Contracting Services who will review requisitions over a set dollar amount.
  • Permissions include: edit/approve/reject requisitions, add lines to pending requisitions.

Department Administrator

  • Responsible for setting up Requesters and Department Approvers in their department.
  • This person is often the department Management Services Officer (MSO) or a person in a similar capacity.


  • If you are a new employee to the university, it may take a couple of business days before your access is first available in AggieBuy.
  • You do not need to have Kuali Financial System (KFS) or FIS Decision Support (DS) access in order to access and use AggieBuy.
  • If an employee separates from the university/affiliate period expires, their AggieBuy access will be automatically inactivated.
  • If an employee transfers from one home department to another, any roles other than Window Shopper will be automatically inactivated. The Department Administrator for the new department can assign additional roles for the transferred employee if desired.
  • lf a formerly separated employee returns to the university, they will be assigned the default role of Window Shopper. 
  • Note on Affiliates: They must be set up by a Department Administrator for any of the roles listed below, including Window Shopper. Affiliates are not automatically granted any default roles.
  • Note on students not employed by the university: They must be set up by a Department Administrator for the role of Window Shopper. This is the ONLY role allowed for students who are not employed (on active UC Davis payroll) by the university.