Getting a P-Card

The P-Card program is primarily for employees who have a purchasing responsibility for their department.

Who Can Get a Card? 

You are eligible for a Procurement Card if you:

  • Are a current UC Davis employee on active payroll status
  • Receive departmental approval
  • Complete the required training

You should have a working knowledge of campus procurement policies and procedures before applying for the card.

If a card is requested for someone who does not already have purchasing responsibilities, a justification will be required on the application. These cards will only be issued on an exception basis where a significant business need is demonstrated.

There are no geographic limits to card eligibility. Employees in field stations, who meet all other requirements, may be good candidates for the program.

How Do I Get a Card?

To apply for a Procurement Card, you must be a permanent UC Davis employee who has been delegated authority for departmental purchasing by your department. You must also receive approval from your department prior to applying for the Procurement Card.

Cardholder Responsibilities:

  1. Take the Procurement Card Training - Complete the online Procurement Card Training. Once you have completed the training, and agreed to the certification statement at the end, you will be able to access the application.
  2. Complete the Cardholder portion of the ApplicationYou will need a UC Davis Kerberos login ID and passphrase to access the application.
  3. Record the Request NumberOnce your application is complete, a Procurement Card Request Number will be displayed. Write down the number, as you will need to provide it to your Fiscal Officer.
  4. Print Cardholder AgreementPrint the Cardholder Agreement at the end of the application.
    • Read and sign the agreement
    • Secure the signature of your supervisor
    • Submit the agreement and Procurement Card Request Number to your Fiscal Officer who will complete the application process
  5. Complete New Cardholder OnboardingComplete the live online on-boarding program held once a month. 
  6. Sign and activate the card -
  7. Upon receipt from Procurement & Contracting Services, Cardholder must:
    • Sign the back of the card immediately upon receipt.
    • Activate the card by calling the 800 number indicated on the sticker. The recorded prompt will request the last 4 digits of your social security number; you should provide the last 4 digits of your employee ID number instead.

Fiscal Officer Responsibilities:

  1. Take the Procurement Card Training - Complete the online Procurement Card Training.
  2. Complete the Fiscal Officer portion of the applicationYou will need the Procurement Card Request Number printed on the cardholder agreement.
    • Enter the request number to access the application
    • Complete the fields on the application form
    • Sign the cardholder agreement and send it to the Procurement Card Application Processor
    • The department should keep a copy of the cardholder agreement for their records.
  3. Answer the e-mailed questions - You will receive an e-mail after the application has been submitted. You must respond to the questions in the e-mail to finalize the application.

Procurement Card Team Responsibilities:

  1. Submit the application to the bank - When the Procurement Card Application Processor has received all of the required information, the application will be submitted to the bank and the fiscal officer will be notified.
  2. Contact the cardholder when the card arrivesThe Procurement Card Application Processor will arrange to have the card delivered to the cardholder approximately 7 - 10 days following submission of the application to the bank. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to have the card picked up by the cardholder. The card can be released only to the cardholder.