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Credit Card Payment Reports

The Credit Card Payment Lookup (391) in FIS Decision Support provides information on payments made with the Procurement Card.

This query can be run using a variety of criteria, including a date range; the organization/account to which the charges were applied; the name of the cardholder; the department that issued the card; or a specific merchant. For example, you could run this query to find all transactions from a particular cardholder; or you could get a list of all credit card transactions for your entire organization.

The results of your query will include information regarding the name of the cardholder; the last 4 digits of the credit card number; the transaction ID number; the type of document; the merchant's name and location; the account charged; and the transaction date, amount, and tax amount. You may note that some of the amounts will have a "CR" next to them - indicating a credit. This means that the transactions have been moved to a different account using the Procurement Card (PCDO) document in KFS.

Scheduling the Query

If you wish to automatically receive regular updates on Procurement Card activity, you may want to schedule the Credit Card Payment Lookup (391). When you schedule a query, you will receive an e-mail at regular intervals with transaction activity. Click the Schedule This Query button on the right side of the query input screen and complete the required fields, including e-mail address and desired notification frequency.