Disbursement Voucher Processing Guidelines

Guidelines on how to correctly process a Disbursement Voucher

  1. Payment Reason Codes - Each DV document must have a specific payment reason code selected. These reason codes drive which types of payees, accounts, object codes and sub-objects are allowed on the document. In order to select a payment reason code, click on the Payee ID lookup icon on the Payment Information tab. Please refer to the Payment Reason Codes table for instructions on the appropriate use for each Payment Reason Code and what forms or supporting backup are required to be electronically attached to the DV document. 
  2. Attachments - The DV document requires at least one supporting backup attachment be added to the Notes and Attachments section before submission. This is to provide justification for the payment. In addition, the payee may require that their specific remittance attachment be included with the paper check. If this is needed, please also attach the Remittance Attachment, check the attachment with Paper Check checkbox, and select the Scanned and attached to Kuali radio button. As with all attachments, please use a legible and correctly orientated PDF document. As appropriate, scan both sides of the paper backup.
    Reminder: Only check the attachment with Paper Check checkbox if you expect a special remittance attachment to be mailed with the paper check.
  3. Employee Addresses/Special Handling - Employee addresses are retrieved from UCPath. If the employee does not have a Check Address in UCPath, their home department's name will be displayed. To use a different address for an employee, check the Special Handling checkbox in the Payment Information tab. In the Special Handling tab, enter the address where the paper check should be sent. Typically this is used to deliver checks to a specific department on campus or at the Sacramento campus. Special handling can be used for either employee or vendor payments, but under no circumstances should special handling be used to bypass adding a new address to the vendor record. Lastly, do not add individual names in the Special Handling field, such as "Attn to: John Doe," as that will create a multi-person check.
    Reminder: Special Handling options will override EFT/ACH - do not use these if the payee wants direct deposit.
  4. Vendors - The DV document refers to vendors as Payees, but it utilizes the same vendor table as Requisitions and Purchase Orders. If you are having trouble finding a vendor in the lookup or if you need to add or update an existing vendor, please refer to the Vendor resources on the Purchasing website.