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Line Item Receiving

If Line Item Receiving is required, sufficient quantity must be received before the Fiscal Officer can approve the Payment Request document.

Line Item Receiving is required when:

  • Purchasing a capital asset commodity when the individual item is at or exceeds $5000, OR
  • Purchasing a quantity-based order when the order total exceeds $10,000, OR
  • The optional Require Receiving checkbox is selected when entering a quantity-based requisition, regardless of total.

The Line Item Receiving document can (optionally) be completed, even if one of the elements above is not applicable, however the Line Item Receiving document cannot be completed for non-quantity orders/line items.  Refer to the document help for specific instructions on using the document.

Any employee (KFS user or non-KFS user) can create the Line Item Receiving document in KFS; it does not need to be completed by the person who created the initial Requisition. 

Best practice is that it be completed by the individual who actually receives the item(s) and can properly confirm receipt of goods.