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MERRY XRAY Developer Services Update October 2019

The UC Davis contracted supplier, MERRY XRAY, has notified us that they can only sell chemicals for development.  MERRY XRAY will no longer provide the chemical exchange service, waste disposal, preventative maintenance, or repair.  Chemical waste can be picked up by UC Davis Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) if you choose to continue to buy the chemicals from MERRY XRAY.   Please contact for requests, and create and submit a WASTE TAG for disposal.  More information on chemical waste disposal is on the Safety Services website.


The wet chemical development of X-ray film is a technology that is being displaced by digital imaging, so service providers are rare.  The cost of the service and disposal of chemicals may not be cost effective in the near future.  There are many scientific equipment suppliers under UC contracts that sell digital imagers.  Supply Chain Management will work with its Life Sciences equipment suppliers to provide helpful information for those researchers who can move to a digital imaging system.    If you are interested in a demonstration, or an opportunity to learn the advantages of using the more sustainable digital technology, please contact Julie Alvarez at


Supply Chain Management is looking for alternative service providers for chemical X-ray developers.  Please contact Julie Alvarez if you will require a contract for ongoing X-ray developer service and maintenance.  We have identified two service providers (outside the Davis/Sacramento area) you can contact if you have an immediate need for service.  You may also contact the original manufacturer of your developer and inquire if they can provide service. 


West Coast X-Ray


Stan’s Radiographic Imaging


Henry's Medical X-Ray Services


Thank you for your support.  Questions should be directed to Julie Alvarez at