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GE Healthcare Name Change


As of Tuesday 10/1/19, the acquisition of GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp by the Danaher Corporation has resulted in a new business name: Global Life Sciences Solutions USA LLC.  More information on the change is included in the attached document.


What Has Changed?

  • The Vendor number in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) has changed. 
    • The old Vendor number for GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp was 12709-0.
    • The new Vendor number for Global Life Sciences Solutions USA LLC is 1042030-0. 
    • The Vendor Name in KFS is GE HBS HOLDINGS INC, but searches on *GE Healthcare* and *Global Life Sciences* will return results.  KFS Requisitions and Purchase Agreement documents should cite the new Vendor Number.  Whenever possible, we encourage the use of AggieBuy in lieu of creating a document in KFS.


  • The Agreement number in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) has also changed.
    • The old Agreement number was A28377.
    • The new Agreement number is A48997.
    • The new Agreement number A48997 should be cited on any Requisitions created in KFS.


What Hasn’t Changed?


  • Contact information and purchasing and shipping terms and conditions for the company remain unchanged.  
  • AggieBuy purchases to Global Life Sciences Solutions USA LLC continue as they did previously to GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp.  At this time, the AggieBuy tile logo for GE Healthcare is the same as it was previously, but it will be updated at a later date.