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Centrally Funded COVID-19 Supplies Now Available

June 16, 2021 Update: Requests for centrally funded PPE will be accepted through June 30, 2021. These items will continue to be available for purchase through our AggieSupply campus stores in AggieBuy as well as many other suppliers in AggieBuy. Read more

Finance, Operations and Administration and Supply Chain Management are happy to announce that we are offering limited quantities of face coverings, disinfectants, sanitizers and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at NO COST to departments. These items, made available through central funding, are intended to help departments prepare for an increase in the number of people on campus. Please note: This does not apply to UC Davis Health clinical settings.

To initiate a PPE request, first complete the PPE Registration form – if your department has not already done so. This form helps Supply Chain Management and campus leadership have visibility into what supplies are needed and how many are on order. This should be updated every two weeks to help Supply Chain Management determine forecasted needs.

After you’ve completed the form, you can request approximately one month’s supply of COVID-19 related materials for your department using the “Centrally Funded PPE” tile under the UC Davis Aggie Supply header on the main AggieBuy dashboard. To help ensure all departments can take advantage of our limited supplies, please be prudent about what is really needed. Centrally funded PPE items are intended solely for the purpose of COVID-19 disinfection and prevention.

When it is time to check out your cart, use the following account allocation to charge the items to our central account:

Account: 3-PPECOVD

Project Code: COVID19

These requests will route to FOA Business Partners for approval. Only orders for qualified PPE in reasonable quantities will be approved. Please do not combine these orders with other supplies from AggieBuy. After approval, they will route to our Storehouse, where staff will check to ensure that your department has completed the PPE registration form before making these items available for will-call pickup for campus orders or by Mail Services delivery for non-clinical Sacramento campus units.