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Supply Chain Management Metrics

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Supply Chain Management is committed to developing and reviewing metrics for each service we provide and system we manage and looking for ways to use those metrics for continuous service improvement. 

Areas in which Supply Chain Management gathers metrics:

Help Desks

We track calls at each of our Help Desks, including those for AggieBuy, AggieTravel, and Accounts Payable.

  • What We Gather: Number of calls, initial and total response time, call topics, and departments that call.
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • How We Use It: We use this information to ensure adequate Help Desk staffing, ways to reduce customer waiting (and resolution) time, and ways to improve and increase the online help resources on our website.

Programs and Systems

We regularly run surveys for the various programs and systems we manage, including AggieBuy, AggieTravel, and the Card Program (Procurement Card and Travel).

  • What We Gather: Satisfaction on program, what works/doesn't work, areas of opportunity for improvement or expansion of program or system.
  • Frequency: Semi-annually
  • How We Use It: We use the information to increase communication and training offerings, explore policy to see if there are ways to improve and expand usage of program/system.

Training Classes

We periodically survey employees who complete our online and classroom training classes.

  • What We Gather: Satisfaction of training and coverage of topics presented.
  • Frequency: Semi-annually
  • How We Use It: We look at the data for ways to improve our training classes and to increase training offerings.


We track visits to our Supply Chain Management website.

  • What We Gather: Number of clicks on web pages, amount of time users spend per page.
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • How We Use It: We look for ways to decrease the number of clicks users need to find their desired information; we work to improve visibility of most often searched for information.

Supplier Diversity

We track the diversity of suppliers used at UC Davis, including those on established agreements and those selected on the requisition in KFS and on the Procurement Card. Some funding agencies require procurement be made with suppliers that are small business, woman-owned, or classified as Disabled Veteran Businesses. These metrics help ensure that all supplier types are represented at UC Davis.

  • What We Gather: Supplier Diversity Types cited on procurement transactions (small business, woman-owned, Disabled Veteran Businesses).
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • How We Use It: We look for ways to increase supplier diversity wherever possible.

Buyer Activity

The Buyers in Procurement and Contracting Services work with a wide variety of different types of transactions, including requisitions for one-time transactions and repair orders and Purchase Agreements that incorporate blanket agreements, no cost agreements, revenue agreements, and non-disclosure agreements.

  • What We Gather: Numer of requisitions and purchase agreements processed by Buyer, turnaround time for purchase order creation, suppliers used.
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • How We Use It:  We look for ways to increase departmental spend on Strategic Sourcing agreements and look for other ways to give departments more procurement resources and power. We also use the data to improve internal processes and workflow to expedite processing time.