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KFS Use Tax Accrual Correction Form

By using this form, you are certifying that a Use tax was incorrectly accrued by the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

Examples of when this form should to be used include:

  • General correction of Use tax accruals
  • Purchasing Card transaction Use tax discrepancy on the Procurement Card document (failure to enter the sales tax on the PCDO, or wrong rate charged on the PCDO)
  • Tax issue caused by an incorrectly entered Purchase Order (PO) or Payment Request (PREQ) (Use tax indicator inadvertently selected)
  • Partial-tax exempt situations, such as purchases for agricultural items with proper Ag tax exemptions
  • Requesting Research & Development (R&D) Equipment Tax Reduction

NOTE: Please do not submit tax adjustments for a $1.00 or under. This form is not to be used to correct Sales tax issues. If the vendor incorrectly charged Sales tax, you must contact the vendor for resolution.

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