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COVID19 Resources: Centrally-Funded PPE Program (N-95 Respirator Masks)

The Centrally-Funded PPE program is available again for N-95 respirator masks, and will remain available through Friday, September 30, 2022.   

Program Overview

ONE free N-95 respirator-style mask is available for voluntary use for each student and employee for the Fall 2022 quarter through FOA’s Centrally-Funded PPE Program.

Much like the previous distribution in January 2022, departments will be responsible for distributing these masks to their students and employees.

Please consolidate your orders through a single representative to the greatest extent possible. Supplies are available now through Friday, September 30, 2022, or while supplies last. Orders are typically delivered within 2 business days for the Davis area.

Please communicate to your employees and students how and where they can pick up a mask from a central departmental location.

Additional Information

The Centrally-Funded program does not apply to UC Davis Health clinical settings, nor is it for research, or patient care.

The PPE Registration Form, used during previous PPE distributions, is no longer required.

Ordering Items Through the Program

To place an order, go to the Central Storehouse tile under the UC Davis Aggie Supply heading on the main dashboard of AggieBuy and search for part number 31111-124. The masks come in boxes of 20; order in quantities to support one mask per student, faculty or staff member within your major or department. When it’s time to check out, enter the following accounting information to charge the items to the centrally-funded account and project:

  • Account: 3-FEMA00X
  • Project Code: COVID19

What About Other PPE?

PPE supplies, such as disinfecting wipes, sanitizers, cloth and disposable masks and additional N-95s if desired, continue to be available for purchase in the AggieBuy catalogs through the Central Storehouse or our partner suppliers. Any items purchased from these catalogs should be charged to your departmental account(s) as usual.

More Information

More information about N-95 masks can be found on the Campus Ready website. Questions about the ordering process for the Centrally-Funded PPE Program can be directed to

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